A Standing Ovation for Steinbrenner’s Thespians 


Steinbrenner Theater

Nominees Tyler Brock and Wade Pollock playing their roles as Lucas Beineke and Gomez Addams. Both performers showcased a variety of their talents including acting, singing, and comedic bits. Photo courtesy also from the Steinbrenner’s theatre Instagram page @steinbrennertheatre.


From April 20th to April 22nd the Steinbrenner Theatre program showcased their last play of the school year, The Addam’s Family Musical. The cast worked several months straight and through restless school days to deliver an outstanding performance for three nights in a row. A few judges from The Straz Center nominated four of the main stars for Best Performer in a Lead Role in a Musical. The Addam’s Family stars who were nominated were Wade Pollock playing as Gomez Addams, Ella Langiotti playing as Morticia Addams, Paris Michaud playing as Pugsley Addams, and lastly Tyler Brock playing as Lucas Beineke. 

Nominee Wade Pollock expressed, “It is my second time I’ve been nominated. I guess it makes me feel better about my overall skill and it makes me feel more confident as an actor.” 

Being nominated for The Straz Center’s Broadway Star of the Future grants the four talented actors an opportunity to audition for the Jimmy Awards regional program, which is a national talent showcase among high school students, and the top two talented performers will receive the best actor/actress award. Although the stakes are very high, the four Addam’s Family performers are simply satisfied by the recognition as they pursue their own acting paths. 

Nominee Tyler Brock shared, “Currently I have an agent and I do professional stuff, but I like to do theatre more so film, so in the future as far as acting wise I like to do more professional theatre.” 

Our school takes pride in our warrior thespians for nailing The Addam’s Family musical in April, and students are looking forward to what is in store next school year.