Jabari Armstrong takes on FSU Relays


Jabari Armstrong had a fight this March at the university of Florida’s, Florida relays winning the Men’s 110 meter hurdles as a sophomore representing George Steinbrenner high school. With a time of 14.24; barely missing his PR of 14.19. Photo courtesy of Jabari Armstrong.

Jabari Armstrong is not only #1 sophomore in the state for the 110 hurdles but top in the county, but he was an active member of the FSU relays on March 30- 31 At UF. His personal record being 14.19 , he ran a time of 14.24 at the meet, he says “During the race the guy next to me on my right, came closer to me and kept hitting my hand, on the last hurdle I got out and he hit my hand again and he tripped and fell and scratched my leg”. Jabari says he felt as though he ran slower with all that happened, but 14.24 is a fast time for Jabari, and remarkably close to his personal record. 

Jabari runs and trains with Vast sports performers, but for the meet he was representing Steinbrenner Highschool. Armstrong says the meet was good “It was the college I want to go to so having to show out there will be really good for me being noticed by colleges” he said that he had won the meet over all in his event and says over all it was great  

Armstrong explains the feeling of track and how it can affect you he says, “Track can have you feel many emotions: I feel sad when I don’t run a personal best or win.” Which is understandable, just like anything in life when you don’t do your best you don’t feel you best, but when you run great and do you best you feel good, he says “I feel happy when I run a personal best and or win my event “ Like any sport Track can take you far in life he says “ You don’t always win and you don’t always loss” Armstrong says this is exactly how he felt when he ran at UF.