Making Her Mark: Morgan Swann’s Business


Morgan Swann

To launch her business, Morgan Swann listed this popular sticker design amongst Taylor Swift fans. Depending on the design, a sticker could take 10-15 minutes for Swann to create. .She’s currently working on making more content to sell on her shop to help it grow. Photo courtesy of Morgan Swann.

Many students at Steinbrenner have started to embrace their creativity, including Morgan Swann. Managing a small business is a popular way for teenagers to learn about responsibility and also share their creativity with the world.  

“I told myself if I get one [a Cricut machine], I’m starting an Etsy shop,” said senior Morgan Swann.  

Creating an Etsy shop first starts with creating an account. Etsy doesn’t require the seller to have a business license to sell, they’re only required to follow the laws that apply to the seller. There are multiple steps Swann took before launching the business such as setting up payment and billing along with setting up the storefront. Even with online instructions on how to start the business, problems are bound to arise. 

“I ran into some issues because I’m not 18 so Etsy actually kicked me off the website,” said Swann. 

After facing this issue, the Etsy shop account is under the name of Swann’s mother, however Swann creates all the items that will be listed for her business. 

Last month, Swann officially launched her Etsy business, ‘stickersbyswann’ in which she handmakes themed stickers, shirts, cups and more to sell. As of right now, Swann has two listings up. A ‘Taylor’s version’ sticker for Taylor Swift and a ‘should we just keep driving’ sticker for Harry Styles, two of the most popular artists amongst high schoolers around the country. 

When asked where inspiration stems from, Swann responded, “Online…just like trends.” 

In preparation for her launch, Swann had to first get the machine to make the stickers. Using a Cricut machine is said to be fairly easy considering the machine comes with a thorough manual and many videos are posted online. However, practice is a popular way for users to perfect the art.  

“I practiced a lot with my cricket and bought a lot of things to play around with…,” said Swann.  

Currently, you can follow Swann’s new and growing business on TikTok and Instagram, using the name ‘stickersbyswann’.