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The Student News Site of Steinbrenner High School

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The Student News Site of Steinbrenner High School

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Freshman Jasmine Colon and Camilla Montano listening to their music with air pods. Photo courtesy of Grace Kieran and Lily Moore.

Are Apple’s AirPods Still the Number One Choice for High Schoolers?

Grace Kieran, Lily Moore, and Sarah Finder / March 21, 2023

Air Pods, released around 6 years ago in December of 2016, rose to popularity in recent years, upgrading with the Air Pod Pro’s and more. Although some people do not use air pods. Instead, they are using...

Austin Brooks going for the long jump record. Photo courtesy of Austin Brooks

Austin Brooks: On Track For Greatness

February 20, 2023

Austin brooks started track in 2022 when his friend Josh Doan mentioned him trying it for fun. Once Austin started track, he competed in the 100, 200, long jump, and triple jump events. As a Athlete Brooks...

Senior Kartikeye Gupta is currently the top of his class and is in line to become valedictorian. Whats helped him most in achieving this goal is taking multiple advanced placement and dual enrollment courses. Photo courtesy of Kartikeye Gupta.

Kartikeye Gupta: Doing it All

Olivia Montgomery, Opinion Editor / February 18, 2023

Kartikeye Gupta is currently the most promising candidate for the senior class valedictorian, and he’s been working towards this goal since freshman year. Gupta’s grade point average is currently an...

Bonnie Knight: Her Journey to the Top of her Class

Bonnie Knight: Her Journey to the Top of her Class

Aaniyah Houghton\\ Anise Hansel, Staff Writter / February 13, 2023

11th grader Bonnie Knight has been ranked #1 in her class since 9th grade. When bonnie was a freshman, she knew a lot of seniors that had high class ranks and knew she wanted to be at least in the top...

The grounds of Steinbrenner are flooding with buzzcuts as the new style. The cut has allowed students to have a quick low maintenance style that still looks good. Photo curtesy of

Are Buzzcuts the Newest Hair Trend?

Jayden Otero and Kelvin Jones / February 10, 2023

Recently, the grounds of Steinbrenner have been flooded with buzzcuts as a popular haircut. Of course, everyone has their own opinions on what the best haircut is based on how it looks on themselves, but...

Hillsborough County School Board proposes implementing metal detectors in schools for safety but will these machines really help or cause more harm? Few schools around the country have added metal detectors so the outcomes have yet to be determined. Photo courtesy of

Do Metal Detectors Belong in School?

Ashlyn Esposito and Sofia Hromalik / October 27, 2022

The issue of implementing metal detectors in schools has been a controversy in numerous school districts. Multiple people believe they’re helpful in security issues, when to others, it makes them feel...

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