Stanley Cup, No, Not the Hockey One, Rises to Popularity



Agriculture Sciences teacher at Steinbrenner High School, Mrs. Switzer, prefers the Stanley to the Yeti cups. The design keeps her drink cool all day long.

Trends come and go, whizzing by so fast you can barely take a breath…or even a drink of water. Swiftly rising to popularity, the Stanley Cup surpassed the Swell, Hydroflasks, and Cirkuls, taking its place as the trendiest water bottle of our time. 

Available at Target, Dicks Sporting Goods, and online, these tumblers have become very popular, particularly among high school girls.  

Lauren Clark at Steinbrenner High School credits this to the cups design. 

“It looks very sleek, and I like the lid because you can sip like from a straw or you can sip out of just the thing,” says Clark. 

In addition to the multipurpose uses for the cup, the Stanley also encourages more water consumption. The average human should drink around 100 ounces of water a day, and the Stanley holds 40 ounces. 

“The Hydroflask does not fit in my cup holder, and it won’t fit in my backpack, also the Hydroflask only has the top handle whereas the Stanley has the side handle as well,” says Clark. 

Popular not only among the students but among teachers as well. Agriculture teacher at Steinbrenner High School, Mrs. Switzer, shares why she loves the Stanley cup. 

“This cup is more functional than others I have had, it holds ice longer than my Yeti, and it’s very durable. I could drop it and not worry that it would break,” says Switzer. 

While the cup itself is very practical and attractive, the popularity may be due simply just to America’s consumer culture and social media influence. 

“I think what really made it popular was just the bandwagon, everyone started getting it so that’s why it’s really popular,” says Clark.