Coach Puskas: 100 Career Wins


Coach Puskas celebrates his 100 career goals during the game against Leto. The effort made throughout this year and previous years by the girl’s flag football team led to this great feat as a group effort. Photo courtesy of the Steinbrenner Flag Football team.

Gregory Puskas, or well-known at Steinbrenner high school as Coach Puskas has been teaching for 19 years and coaching for 18, in Hillsborough County. And 13 of those coaching years were with the Steinbrenner women’s flag football team. Recently during a game against Leto High school Puskas reached 100 career flag football wins.

Ranked top 5 in the state of Florida, the girls flag football team has had a successful season this year with an overall record of 12-2. When it comes to coaching Puskas believes that student athletes should be allowed to have the option of doing multiple sports and other extracurriculars as well. “I try to create an environment that’s very open to allowing teenagers to participate in everything they want to participate in. I think it’s a part of life where you get to find yourself.” Said Puskas.

Puskas has been involved in sports since high school playing 5 sports at once and played two sports in college. Unfortunately, his college career was cut short due to injuries. Puskas says coaching got him back into the sports realm and helped him develop not only his character but to help mold good citizens in the Steinbrenner community.

He feels that even though he was the head coach and the one to receive the, the wins were a group effort. “In the grand schemes of things, it’s just a number. Everybody attributes to that success in your name, the reality of it is u become appreciative of all the players and coaches and staff that helped you get there. Without them you don’t have a program at all.” Said Puskas. The 100 career wins wouldn’t have been made possible without the flag program, the hardworking players, and all the support from the staff. “It’s my name on the title because I’m the head coach, but for me it’s the program we have created and developed together that really got these wins.”