Are Apple’s AirPods Still the Number One Choice for High Schoolers?


Grace Kieran and Lily Moore

Freshman Jasmine Colon and Camilla Montano listening to their music with air pods. Photo courtesy of Grace Kieran and Lily Moore.

Air Pods, released around 6 years ago in December of 2016, rose to popularity in recent years, upgrading with the Air Pod Pro’s and more. Although some people do not use air pods. Instead, they are using Beats earbuds or other headphones.   

When asked about which some students prefer around the school, air pods or alternative headphones, freshman Bennet Perri says “…Air Pods because it is better quality, the sound [is] better.” Most students around Steinbrenner will be seen walking around with their air pods in during passing periods, showing how popular and frequently used they are.

Bennet also has Beats earbuds at his house. “They’re pretty good but they fall out of your ears a lot.” Bennet is not the only person who prefers air pods better than Beats or other different kinds of headphones.  

Freshman Jasmine Deanne says she prefers, “Air pods because they are wireless and loud.”  

Air pods are popular among all ages. Highschoolers always have at least one air pod in their ear. Walking down the street you will see people of all ages wearing the popular Bluetooth air pods.

You will not only see air pods but other brands of headphones, although they are not as popular. Bennet Perri states “Sometimes whenever I’m working out [ill use headphones].”

Headphones like Sony, Beats and even Apples new headphones have become popular for people when they work out. Other than working out, individuals normally use air pods more on the daily, and use regular headphones mostly while working out.