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Color can influence an audience’s emotions through aesthetic decisions, clothing, and objects. Directors and cinematographers did not have to think about color schemes when shooting motion pictures during the black and white era of filmmaking. However, Thoughts on directing and cinematography had to change once it was feasible to make movies in color, giving rise to the idea of the movie color palette.

Color Theory

Madeleine Moreno, Staff Writer / May 17, 2023

Color first appeared on the big screen for the first time 94 years ago, sparking a cinematic revolution. After years of only being able to tell stories in black and white, a century of filmmakers has since...

With school out, students have so much extra time to do whatever they want this summer. There are so many safe and fun options out there that ensure everyone has a great time on their much-needed break. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Three Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer!

Megan Menendez, News Editor / May 17, 2023

With the school year coming to a close, and summer right around the corner, students at Steinbrenner are looking for fun new activities to do during their time off. Living in Florida gives us a great opportunity...

Freshman Addison Parks, shows off her outfit at the beach, dressing in clothes influenced from Madelyn Cline in Outer Banks.

Television’s Influence on Teenage Fashion

Grace Kieran, Staff Writer / April 28, 2023

Recently, shows like Outer Banks, Euphoria, and even Friends have been influencing fashion trends around the school and over the world. The hair styles and clothing in shows have people buying related...

Lana Del Rey’s new album, Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd continues her vulnerable yet inspirational themes on love and life. This album follows Blue Banisters and fans have erupted with both positive and negative feedback. Photo courtesy of Interscope Records. 


Lana Del Rey Releases Her Ninth Studio Album

Olivia Montgomery, Opinion Editor / April 21, 2023

On March 24, 2023, singer Lana Del Rey released her new album, Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd. The highly anticipated ninth studio album has caused an uproar in the media from teasing...

Agriculture Sciences teacher at Steinbrenner High School, Mrs. Switzer, prefers the Stanley to the Yeti cups. The design keeps her drink cool all day long.

Stanley Cup, No, Not the Hockey One, Rises to Popularity

Lorelei Woodward, Lifestyle Editor / April 21, 2023

Trends come and go, whizzing by so fast you can barely take a breath...or even a drink of water. Swiftly rising to popularity, the Stanley Cup surpassed the Swell, Hydroflasks, and Cirkuls, taking its...

Debut outfit ideas consist mainly of sundresses and cowgirl boots, jeans, cowboy hats. These outfit choices really capture Taylor Swifts country era.

Iconic Outfit Ideas for the Eras Tour

Brielle Neylan, Staff Writer / April 12, 2023

Taylor Swift's anticipated Era's tour is headed to Tampa starting Thursday, April 13th bringing with it loads of excitement. Fans of the multi-genre star are dressing up as themes from eras or copying...

 Lily Swanton uses her spring break as a chance to visit Disney and stay at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Lodge. Disney’s crowd levels stay in the moderate to high zone throughout March and April as this is the time when most schools are on spring break. Photo Courtesy of Lily Swanton.

Steinbrenner Students Splash into Spring Break

March 27, 2023

After the long 2 week break for the holidays, Steinbrenner students push through the beginning of the new year, awaiting spring break. Though not as popular as Thanksgiving or winter break, spring break...

Freshman Jasmine Colon and Camilla Montano listening to their music with air pods. Photo courtesy of Grace Kieran and Lily Moore.

Are Apple’s AirPods Still the Number One Choice for High Schoolers?

Grace Kieran, Lily Moore, and Sarah Finder / March 21, 2023

Air Pods, released around 6 years ago in December of 2016, rose to popularity in recent years, upgrading with the Air Pod Pro’s and more. Although some people do not use air pods. Instead, they are using...

Steinbrenner students express their opinions on their favorite perfume and cologne brands. Choosing the right scent for you can elevate your look and confidence. Photo courtesy of Olivia Montgomery.

Scents of Steinbrenner

Olivia Montgomery, Opinion Editor / March 9, 2023

Among the halls of Steinbrenner, you’ll get a whiff every once in while of someone’s perfume or cologne that they’re wearing. Choosing to wear a scent can elevate someone’s look or is worn to make...

 Gracie Abrams’ debut album “Good Riddance” attracts many new fans after being announced as an opener for Taylor Swift’s tour. The album followed Abrams’ two previous EPs, “Minor” and “This Is What It Feels Like”. Photo Courtesy of Interscope Records.

It’s Difficult to Hate Gracie Abrams’ Good Riddance Album

Ava Combs, Editor / March 9, 2023

On January 9th, Gracie Abrams came out of the blue and announced her debut album ‘Good Riddance’ which then made February 24th the best day for her fans across the world. The pop artist finally released...

The Grammys, musics biggest award show of the year, allows for fans of all ages to see their favorite singers/songwriters win and get the recognition they need. The night was packed with groundbreaking performances and nominations that kept fans on their toes. Photo courtesy of   Wikimedia Commons.

History Made During the 2023 Grammy Awards

Megan Menendez, News Editor / February 20, 2023

Recently, on Sunday, February 5th the Grammys held their 65th annual award show. It was hosted by popular talk show host and comedian Trevor Noah for the 3rd consecutive year. With 86 different categories...

The official Outerbanks Season 3 promo picture is posted on February 1st, giving fans a look at what to expect in the upcoming season. With over two million likes, fans comment under the post talking about how they’re ready for the show and some of the cast members even reply, “They’re not ready.” Photo courtesy of OBX Instagram.

Outerbanks Treasure Hunt Continues to Season 3

Alyssa Galang, Staff Writer / February 15, 2023

After two long years, the Pogues are finally returning to our screens on February 23rd. The very popular action-drama series is back for a third season after the last one received over a billion minutes...

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