Steinbrenner Students Splash into Spring Break


Lily Swanton

Lily Swanton uses her spring break as a chance to visit Disney and stay at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Lodge. Disney’s crowd levels stay in the moderate to high zone throughout March and April as this is the time when most schools are on spring break. Photo Courtesy of Lily Swanton.

After the long 2 week break for the holidays, Steinbrenner students push through the beginning of the new year, awaiting spring break. Though not as popular as Thanksgiving or winter break, spring break is still a time that many students and teachers look forward to for multiple reasons.  

“It is a really nice thing to look forward to and it gives me a mental break from school,” said freshman at Steinbrenner High School, Camryn Turner.  

For students, the third and fourth quarters can be the most overwhelming with the work getting more difficult and end of year exams creeping up. The week-long break in mid- March is a chance for students to take their minds off school before having to push through the rest of the year. While some choose to go on a vacation, others choose to spend their time helping others through volunteering.  

“…volunteer at the Humane Society to help and spend time with animals that need some love,” said sophomore at Steinbrenner High School, Lily Swanton.  

A handful of Floridians choose to stay put and find activities to do around them because through the years, Florida has become one of the most popular destinations for people on spring break which brings the crowds. Recently, according to a travel outlook report, Florida has become the number one busiest destination during this time.  

“…it [Florida] has the warmest weather…many people up north are stuck in the snow and want to enjoy their break and not [be] stuck inside,” said Turner.  

According to multiple sources, Orlando is expecting about 7.3 million people flying in for spring break. Many people who live in Florida tend to question what the hype is because they can’t see what people like about the sunshine state. However, Florida is one of the states that has the perfect weather everyone loves along with activities that attract people.  

“I think people also go to a lot of theme parks and water parks…especially with how warm it is this spring break,” said Swanton.  

After this weeklong break of relaxing and having fun, students will be able to come back to school and finish the year strong.