Scents of Steinbrenner



Steinbrenner students express their opinions on their favorite perfume and cologne brands. Choosing the right scent for you can elevate your look and confidence. Photo courtesy of Olivia Montgomery.

Among the halls of Steinbrenner, you’ll get a whiff every once in while of someone’s perfume or cologne that they’re wearing. Choosing to wear a scent can elevate someone’s look or is worn to make someone smell good.  

“My favorite brand of perfume is Her by Burberry. I love it and it’s my everyday perfume,” said junior at Steinbrenner High School, Autumn Brown. 

A big part of choosing the right scent is pricing, and deciding between affordable or high-end scents all depends on budget and what the student likes. 

Junior Blake Wegzyn said, “I like fruit and floral because it smells the best. I also prefer high-end because it doesn’t smell like chemicals.”  

Being in high school, most students prefer more affordable brands, such as Bath and Body Works or Nautica. A poll was conducted on our Instagram which found that a little over half of the students that voted prefer affordable brands. However, you can never go wrong with high-end brands. 

“I like wearing Bleu de Chanel because it makes me feel bougee and I get a lot of compliments on it,” said senior Dawson Nguyen. 

Perfumes from Bath and Body works have always been popular since the middle school days, and the brand continues to be people’s favorites to this day. 

“Sometimes I like Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body Works, and sometimes it’s Cloud by Ariana Grande,” said junior Christina James. 

Celebrity brands or influencers can also drive preferred scents, which is shown with Ariana Grande or Billie Eilish’s perfume brands. However, personal preference will always drive the student’s choice of which perfume or cologne they choose to buy.