Three Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer!


Wikimedia Commons

With school out, students have so much extra time to do whatever they want this summer. There are so many safe and fun options out there that ensure everyone has a great time on their much-needed break. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

With the school year coming to a close, and summer right around the corner, students at Steinbrenner are looking for fun new activities to do during their time off. Living in Florida gives us a great opportunity to get outside and be in the sun.  

First, students can go to the beach or pool. The Tampa area is filled with some of the best beaches in Florida. From Maderia, Treasure Island, St. Pete, and Clearwater there are so many great options to choose from. You can go with your friends or family, and bring games like Spike ball, Can Jam, or even just a volleyball to throw around.  

“My favorite thing to do during the summer is go to the beach, my friends and I have so much fun taking pictures and swimming in the ocean,” said junior Tammy Budiman. “Thats definitely where I will be most of the time this summer.  

Another thing students can do this summer is volunteer for their community. To get bright futures scholarships and for college applications it’s beneficial to have 100 service hours, so summertime is the perfect opportunity to get out and volunteer. There are so many places like Feeding Tampa Bay, environmental clean ups, and hospitals that you can go and help out at.  

“I’m really busy during the school year, so over the summer is a great time for me to get out and earn my service hours, and also help in making my community a better place,” said sophomore Nico Massari. 

Finally, students can get started on their summer work or reading for any AP classes they may be taking next year. While many like to procrastinate and put off their summer work, spacing it out and not waiting till the last minute will be really beneficial, and cause less stress in the long run. It will also better prepare you for the class because you need to have good background information on the subject to be successful.  

Overall, there are so many activities for the summer that will allow you to have a safe and relaxing time.