Television’s Influence on Teenage Fashion


Freshman Addison Parks, shows off her outfit at the beach, dressing in clothes influenced from Madelyn Cline in Outer Banks.

Recently, shows like Outer Banks, Euphoria, and even Friends have been influencing fashion trends around the school and over the world. The hair styles and clothing in shows have people buying related items. 

    Freshman at Steinbrenner High School, Addison Parks, shares what inspires her personal style. “Watching Madelyn Cline in Outer Banks made me want to look up what she was wearing…I find similar clothes at urban outfitters that were in Outer Banks,” says Parks. 

Stores like Urban outfitters and American Eagle advertise the popular series Outer Banks actors wearing the stores clothes. 

    Movies like clueless and mean girls have people buying more 2000s fashion. Freshman Lauren Major says, “I love watching Clueless, I love the clothes that they wear…I’ve looked at the store Garage and Forever 21 for 2000s type clothes. I love the style and the look of it.” 

   Tv does not only influences women’s clothing; it influences men. Freshman Elijah Plofsky says, “Watching the movie, Mid 90s, got me into the skater style. I like the large pants and the baggy tees.” 

However, Freshman Kathryn Williams says otherwise. “Tv and movies don’t really influence my style. I go by what I think looks good.”  

Tv influence of fashion has started bringing back older fashion styles from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s and from shows and movies like Outer Banks, Mid 90s, mean girls, clueless and even Euphoria. While styles are often influenced by pop culture, it is not realistic to say it is entirely due to TV shows.