Is Taking Summer Classes Beneficial?


Lorelei Woodward

The accessible and convenient website, Florida Virtual Schools, provides a multitude of courses. Between intriguing electives and essential core classes, the website can help students catch up and get ahead over the summer. Photo courtesy of Lorelei Woodward.

Many academic minded and driven students elect to take classes over their summer break for a multitude of reasons. Whether it be to get ahead, make up lost credits, or gain prerequisites necessary for fall courses, summer classes can be extremely beneficial. 

 “I’ve taken economics, marine science, and U.S. history, and I like it because I’m not the biggest fan of history, so it’s nice that I can get it done faster than over a whole year and be done with my history credits,” junior Jilian Towe said. 

High school graduation requirements include taking one online course and two consecutive years of a language. For many students, summer classes can kill these two birds with one stone. Making summer courses, especially through online platforms such as Florida Virtual School [FLVS], makes it a very attractive option. 

“I took sign language on FLVS because it’s easier and faster to take it on there [FLVS], than spend an entire year in school learning it,” junior Brody Ferrel said. 

The flexibility of online classes, allowing kids to set their own pace and have the ability to work faster or slower, is another positive motivation. 

“I can do it at my own pace, if I wanted to, I could knock out a whole semester in three weeks or I could take my sweet time and take two months to do a module,” says Towe. 

The relaxed and less time restrictive courses could be a benefit to students with a busy schedule either due to work or sports. Ultimately, summer courses are a convenient option for students and should be utilized by more.