Outerbanks Treasure Hunt Continues to Season 3


OBX Instagram

The official Outerbanks Season 3 promo picture is posted on February 1st, giving fans a look at what to expect in the upcoming season. With over two million likes, fans comment under the post talking about how they’re ready for the show and some of the cast members even reply, “They’re not ready.” Photo courtesy of OBX Instagram.

After two long years, the Pogues are finally returning to our screens on February 23rd. The very popular action-drama series is back for a third season after the last one received over a billion minutes of watching time. The show even received nominations for an MTV award and 5 People’s Choice awards and won the MTV award and two of the People’s Choice awards. The show picked up a large following due to abundant reasons.  

“…it is so interesting and shows such a fun beach life,” said junior Mackenzie Peaire.  

Watching the show gives insight to the perfect beach aesthetic that everyone loves while also showing how the characters all experience very different lifestyles. Whether it be with their family, friends, or the situations they’re in, some of them may not be as picture perfect. The show takes time to focus on the characters’ personal lives and personalities which leads viewers to connect with them or find their favorite characters.  

“Kie [Kiara] is definitely my favorite because I love how she’s always there for her crew and even though she’s a Kook, she still wants to be a part of the Pogue life,” said freshman Zuri Gomez. 

Craving to experience the joy of seeing their favorite characters again, on February 2nd viewers got a glimpse of them when the trailer was released. The fast-paced trailer shows the upcoming season including lots of drama, action, mystery and romance. The trailer has already reached 5 million views with over four-thousand comments of fans expressing their excitement and thoughts for the upcoming season.  

“It looks very intense and like the season will be action packed and have lots of fights but also a lot of amazing moments,” said freshman Hope Kashansky.   

As the date of the season’s release is getting closer, the official Outerbanks Instagram has started posting promo pictures that are leaving some fans in shock and speculation. With the unexpected ending of season two, we see John B’s dad who is alive after everyone thought he had died and the Pogues have run off and named their island “Pougelandia.” Many people have their theories about what will happen next in terms of the Pouge’s treasure hunt, but many also have theories about the love aspects in the show. One of the most famous ships amongst the fans of Outerbanks would be Kiara and JJ. Everyone’s theories and the sneak peeks of season 3 are leaving Kiara and JJ fans hopeful that sparks will fly between them.  

“I predict that JJ and Kie will get together because I really want them too,” said Pearie.  

As the large fandom of Outerbanks continues the wait for just a little while longer, you can watch or rewatch seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix in preparation to continue the treasure hunt with the Pogues.