The Class of 2023 is ‘Up and Out’ with Their Senior Prank


Sophie Payne

The 2023 senior prank banner lays out to dry before being hung in school. This year, students worked together to create a harmless, fun, and memorable prank. Photo Courtesy of Sophie Payne.

In light of graduation coming up, seniors have started to celebrate in many ways. From senior pictures to graduation parties, the class of 2023 is prepared in many ways. However, Steinbrenner’s seniors took things to the next level by organizing a senior prank as a class. 

After searching for ideas, the grade settled on using thousands of balloons to fill up the 500s hallway on Friday, May 12. The hallway is located near the cafeteria, meaning that the majority of students pass it when entering school in the morning. The prank was approved by administrators ahead of time, ensuring that there would be no consequences for it. 

“It was a lot of fun and definitely a lot of bonding for those who participated. We spent around 12 hours together blowing up balloons,” said senior Ashley Yazvac. 

Yazvac, along with the other 18 seniors who participated, woke up at 4 in the morning to collect balloons from a classmate’s house and transport them to the school. Within the few hours before school started, the hallway was filled fully with balloons and a sign that read “Class of 2023 is Up and Out”, referring to the prank. In years past, seniors have been known to vandalize the school by damaging property and graffiti. 

“I was super surprised when I saw the prank, they did a good job. [The prank] wasn’t harmful in any way, so it was a good balance,” included junior Bonnie Knight. 

Overall, this senior prank can be seen as the perfect way to wrap up the 2022-2023 school year. As seniors finish up classes today, they officially move on to this next chapter in their life, and are officially seen as up and out.