Earth Day Celebrations and their Impact


Saulė Kondra

A way that many people contribute to spreading the word about Earth Day is informing others about beneficial activities like recycling to help save our Earth. Steinbrenner’s AP Environmental Science students chalked the courtyard with Earth Day sayings and drawings to inform the school of the day’s importance. Photo Courtesy of Saule Kondra.

Many students at Steinbrenner under appreciate Earth Day and don’t understand that helping to keep the Earth clean by picking up trash, planting trees, or recycling can impact us. Students don’t participate in common celebrations because they’re bored and don’t get anything in return from it. 

“I think Earth Day is unappreciated and forgotten, mainly because it’s not a holiday where we receive things like other popular ones,” said senior Sophia Gabert.  

This shows that students remember favored holidays more because of presents and activities that are well-liked. For Earth Day, celebrations are treated more like service hours and are introduced as boring.  

Some common Earth Day celebrations include picking up trash, planting seeds, or informing others. These can be perceived as boring compared to other holidays, but some could be interpreted as fun. 

“Some Earth Day celebrations that I think are fun is planting or even throwing seeds into the woods to make a difference.” said Gabert.  

This makes an impact of growing more trees and helping the vegetation. In our modern world, deforestation is very common and has been causing ruin since it affects soil, wildlife, and may even cause pollution.  

It might not seem like it could make a big impact, but if everyone contributed, we could see a difference in forests. To make these celebrations more enjoyable you could even make a game out of it or do it while on a walk.  

Another tradition is to pick up local trash around schools, beaches, and neighborhoods.  

“I think a common Earth Day celebration I see a lot is picking up trash.” said freshman Adelaide Linz.  

This is a common activity that can make an impact to limit pollution or high capacity of trash around the world. It might not seem like these actions can make a big difference on our planet, but even a bag of trash could save marine wildlife, plants, or runoff of chemicals.  

Lastly, an important Earth Day tradition is informing others on how to save the planet or do it in the long run. For example, teaching kids and adults about the importance of recycling.  

Recycling has a big role in saving our environment by the prevention of littering, runoff of harmful chemicals, pollution, and renewable resources. 

One way Steinbrenner informed their students about Earth Day was having the AP Environmental Science students chalk the courtyard with pictures and phrases for others to remember the day and the impact they can make on saving the Earth. 

Overall, it’s important for students to remember Earth Day and understand the impact common activities can make. It can benefit the environment, wildlife, and it can give students something to be proud of.