Turn it Up- The 2023 Yearbook is Finally Here



Students are thrilled to write encouraging words to the friends and students they shared their time with. Yearbook signing is a fun tradition among warriors, especially seniors who are going separate ways and want to imprint their farewells. Photo courtesy of Lisa Donat, including Alex Okby who is signing her yearbook. Photo courtesy of Lisa Donat .

Last week on May 8th and May 9th ,The Odessey distributed Steinbrenner’s 2022-2023 yearbooks to our warriors.  

This year’s theme is “Turn it Up” with the goal of bringing back the school’s culture after recovering from the Covid pandemic.  

Social Media Manager and Event Coordinator Laura Pinto-Alton describes the unique details regarding the theme, “There’s the circles that’s supposed to give you the thought of degree signs and the lettering itself is heat activated and changes the color from blue to red, so turning up the heat.” 

The talented, hardworking staff came up with the theme all the way back in May 2022. Then in midsummer, the process of making the yearbook took off with Instagram coverage. All the other bits and pieces were made throughout the whole school year up until two to three weeks before distribution. 

During the school year, the team goes around to cover all the important events to feature the warrior’s arts, skills, and traditions. 

Photographer Dawson Ngyuen insighted, “If there’s a sports game, if there’s like a concert or theatre show, we’ll send a couple of people to take pictures for there.” 

On top of exciting events where students made fun memories, the staff was also sure to interact with our fellow warriors on topics regarding school and pop culture. 

“We had different topics in the yearbook, and we want what the students think about those topics. We do interviews, we do coverage for sports, and all of that.” stated Photographer Ngyuen. 

Stein students were pleased with the size and creativity of the 2023 yearbook. Surely the $90 was worth the investment for all the effort and time spent on crafting the book as the staff turned up the heat to meet the deadlines. 

“The way that yearbook works is that there’s a certain amount of pages that must be submitted each month or two. If we don’t get those pages on time, then that’s an additional fine.” informed Event Coordinator Pinto-Alton. 

In the end of the year, the warriors gravely appreciate the yearbook staff for all the dedication towards “Turn it Up” and take home everything 2022-2023 has offered. As students digest the 378 pages, the staff is already preparing for the exciting adventures yet to come in 2023-2024.