Lady Warriors Come back to tie with Durant



Girl’s softball team on the home plate with their coach after the game. Photo courtesy of Malia Kirschman

Our Steinbrenner’s girls’ softball team played against Durant high school on Thursday April 27th. The day before every game the team practices and on game day, and when the team warms up there is extremely high intensity. 

“The day of the game, we take our warm-ups pretty seriously and expect everyone to give their all.” says Lily Holtje, #21. 

At the start of the game with the first inning, they came in slow and were behind by a point. Then as the game continued forward, they improved their energy on the field and in the dugout. But when the 4th inning hit, they were down by 5 more points and knew they had to do something. 

 With their team one of their goals is to create distraction for the opposing side to capitalize on it to get ahead.  

“As a team, we can work on bringing that high energy right into every inning every game. I believe that will carry us far into post season!” said Lily Holtje. 

In the fifth inning they still did not have any points and Durant were up by 7. Their energy in the 6th inning helped them gain back a couple points. By the 7th inning they gained points to get them only 1 point behind. 

Nearing the last few seconds of the game they were still down by a couple points and had to give it their all and made another run which made them get so close but still ended up with a tie of 7-7.