The Girls Flag Football Team Takes Defeat Against Alonso


The flag football Lady Warriors stand on the sidelines, watching their teammates take on the Alonso Ravens. Watching the plays early on left them anticipating the rest of the game. Photo Courtesy of Alyssa Galang.  

Monday, March 27th the Steinbrenner girls flag football team took on the battle against the Alonso Ravens. The game started slowly, neither team made much progress on their first possession. As the quarter continued, things turned around for the Ravens and at the end, the score was Alonso 7, Steinbrenner 0.  

“Even though this game didn’t go our way, we will make sure to continue to work on becoming the best we can,” said first-year Lexi Tschopp.  

As the second quarter moved along, Alonso picked up the pace and scored two touchdowns bringing their score to 19. Disappointed, the friends, families, and coaches of the Warriors were cheering them on in hopes of keeping the Warriors spirits alive.  

“We talked about our plays; we had a pep talk…we really just surround each other with love and happiness…,” said first-year Cece Hovan.  

In the third quarter, the Warrior’s were able to hold off the Ravens from scoring even though they were making their way down the field. Number 14, Warriors, was able to block a pass from the Raven quarterback but on the next play the quarterback ran for a 1st down. On the other hand, the Warrior’s were still unsuccessful in scoring.  

When asked what went wrong, Tschopp said, “…our team is still developing.”  

The fourth quarter had everyone on the edge of their seats when the Raven’s began struggling. Warriors 26 was ready to pull the flag on Ravens number 7 when they caught the ball. With the time counting down, the Warriors were blocking passes and pulling flags which had the stands cheering in excitement. The excitement, however, died down when a member of the Warriors got injured and was taken away from the field. Shaken up by this, Alonso scored another touchdown, which brought the score to 25-0, Ravens. When the clock approached the last couple minutes, the game ended early, the final score being 31-0, Alonso Ravens winning.  

“We have amazing coaches that will correct our mistakes and continue to set us up for success in the future,” said Tschopp. 

Not only will the Steinbrenner Warriors improve their skills for the future but also their mindsets as quoted by Hovan, “I think getting in a better mindset…you control the scoreboard…”