Steinbrenner’s Baseball Team Takes the Dub Over Riverview


. The baseball team kneels after they win their game over Riverview High School, and Coach Crumbly debriefs with the team. The team did a great job. Photo courtesy of Tammy Budiman.

This Tuesday March 21, 2023, Steinbrenner’s varsity baseball team competed against Riverview high school in one of their district games. The game started at 7pm, with family and friends there to support the players.  

The team has a lot of pressure on them to win, so they warmed and practiced before, to make sure they played to the best of their ability.  

“We’ll go hit before the games in the cage to get our swings in and ready to go for first pitch,” said junior Jorge Romero. “I make sure my mindset is in a good positive way to stay locked in for the game.” 

Riverview was up to bat first, with Ben Geraghty pitching and JW Stephens as catcher. Ben Scotch, Jorge Romero, Austin Liss, Noah Fowler, Landen Boever were in the outfield. Riverview’s first batter hits and they scored the first point. The next hitter comes up to bat and strikes out, and the second inning began. 

The team gets pumped up and plays each team members walk out song. With songs like Welcome to The Show by Cody Johnson and The Butterfly Effect by Travis Scott, it got the players and the crowd more pumped up. 

Steinbrenner was up to bat, with juniors Jorge Romero, Cayden Hessemyer, and Aidan forde making the first hits for the team and getting players on the bases. This allowed Steinbrenner to score 3 points, putting them in the lead.  

The other team members continue to scream and cheer on their teammates as they rack up points in the game. Many players yelled “skiboe” their slogan for the team, to encourage the others to do well.  

Steinbrenner keeps up their lead throughout the game making the score 7-1, by the 8th inning                      with junior Aidan Forde and Dominic Sardegna bringing two people home ending off the game. The players had to stay focused the whole game and work together to come out on top.  

“Before every pitch, its good to go over all the possible different outcomes in your head, so when the ball is hit, there’s less time to have to think what to do and more time to simply react,” said Ben scotch.