Students, teachers ring in a new bell schedule


The updated bell schedule at Steinbrenner Highschool displays the changes in class times. The schedule times were released after teachers voted for more time in 7th period. Photo Courtesy of Lily Moore.

Since Thursday October 20th, Steinbrenner’s bell schedule has been changed. After the morning show was cut post quarantine, it was decided that second period did not need the extra eight minutes. Administrators chose to let teachers vote on which period receives an extra three minutes. 

The teachers that voted mostly chose the extended time to be in 7th period. D. Jordan who teaches English honors and AP Language says, “I have freshmen 7th period, so they tend to start shutting down.” When asked how she felt about the new bell change she stated, “7th period I’m able to not feel as stressed.” Most teachers, students, and administrators generally like the new bell schedule because now almost every class period except 2nd has the same teaching time. 

 An Instagram poll was posted by @gshsoraclenews for the students to vote on which bell schedule they preferred the most. After the 24 hours were up, there were 34 votes for the old bell schedule (48%) and 37 votes for the new one (52%). While many teachers and administrators prefer the new schedule, it was neck and neck for students- showing that this change affects teachers more than students. 

This new schedule has more advantages than disadvantages in the eyes of people at school. It allows teachers to have less stress at the end of the day and more time in other classes. Administrators are still working harder to make the school bell times perfect for both teachers and students. 

Lily Moore // Staff Writer