Matt Risso Commits to D1 Soccer


Matheus Risso

Matheus Risso has been working towards playing professional soccer since the age of three. Being committed to Wofford has provided new opportunities for Risso’s future in his career as a player. Photo courtesy of Matheus Risso.

The week of January 10, 2022, senior Matheus Risso verbally committed to play Division 1 (D1) soccer at Wofford College. Risso started playing soccer from a young age, and since he was born in Brazil it was like second nature to him, as well as Neymar being his biggest idol. 

“My dad is my biggest supporter because he’s been to every game I’ve pretty much ever had and he’s always been there for me,” said Risso. 

Risso’s main goal has always been to play professional soccer and taking the leap of playing in college is just the beginning of him reaching it. As far as the commitment process is concerned, the decision was hard, but ultimately Risso decided Wofford was the best fit for him. 

“Wofford is the place where I could develop best as an athlete, person, and student. I also like the program; they play a really hard schedule against some really good teams. And I think I could make a big impact in the program,” said Risso. 

Risso’s whole life has been surrounded by soccer so it’s second nature for him to continue working towards his goals. Being able to finally commit has felt accomplishing after going through the recruitment process, especially committing to a D1 school.  

Once Risso gets to Wofford he plans to study either computer science or business administration, and work towards being a starter and getting playing time to reach his long-term goal of making it into the draft after graduating.