Steinbrenner’s Sunday Football League in Action


About 30 of Steinbrenner’s students prepare to verse each other afterschool in flag football on teams formed with some of their greatest friends. This all began around November when two groups of athletic, like-minded teens came together to form the Sunday Football League in Villa Rosa Park. Photo courtesy of Cole Bennet.

Many students in high school enjoy spending their time at the beautiful beaches Florida has to offer, going to catch a movie at the mall or just kicking back at a friend’s house. Here at Steinbrenner however, there is a group with one hobby in particular, flag football. Tanner Powers, a junior at Steinbrenner along with Cole bennet, a senior came together about a year ago to form the Sunday Football Legue which has become well known among the upper classmen.  

It all started to play out around November of this year when both Powers and Bennet decided to combine the groups, they played flag football with together. At first it may have been hard to form teams with new people but after some time players started to get more comfortable with their newfound friends.“Sometimes there’s a little bit of friendly competition sometimes there’s more interesting conversations and some trash talk but it’s always fun.” said Bennet. 

The Sunday football league consists of about 30 students, ranging from some in 8th grade to seniors, who come together around 2-4 times every week at Villa Rosa Park. This is where the team practice and play each other in games. 

The students get to pick their own teams consisting of their friends and the season is structured similarly to college football. The playoffs for each team are not based on win-loss records however, but by rankings. The requirements to make a team include a maximum of 10 people and a basic understanding of the rules for a 6 versus 6 game of flag football and are considered an official recreational league.  

Not only do these students get a good workout by playing with their friends but they also get to build bonds with their teams. “It’s an awesome experience that grew me a lot closer with my friends. I really enjoyed the competitive and fun nature and would love to play again.” said Senior Luke Dickey, who had a chance to play with the Sunday Football League this year. Some even experienced personal growth as players. “My favorite memory was having seven touchdowns one time in one game,” said Bennet. 

In the following years, Powers plans to start a basketball League as well and to expand the current football league as well. “If you want to join just let me know. It’s always awesome to have new people to join, if you don’t know anybody, I’ll find a team for you.” said Powers.