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The Student News Site of Steinbrenner High School

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The Student News Site of Steinbrenner High School

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High schoolers are at risk of developing mental health issues, which are not treated the same as physical health. So, some public schools have proposed that high schoolers should be allowed to take up to five mental health days off per semester to improve academic performance. Photo courtesy of

Why Are Mental Health Days Necessary?

Madeleine Moreno, Staff Writer / May 17, 2023

It is no secret that students in America, regardless of age, are experiencing a mental health crisis. According to a recent study by the National Alliance on Mental Health, one in five teenagers and young...

 Nominees Tyler Brock and Wade Pollock playing their roles as Lucas Beineke and Gomez Addams. Both performers showcased a variety of their talents including acting, singing, and comedic bits. Photo courtesy also from the Steinbrenner’s theatre Instagram page @steinbrennertheatre.

A Standing Ovation for Steinbrenner’s Thespians 

Lisa Donat, Staff Writer / May 17, 2023

  From April 20th to April 22nd the Steinbrenner Theatre program showcased their last play of the school year, The Addam’s Family Musical. The cast worked several months straight and through...

 The accessible and convenient website, Florida Virtual Schools, provides a multitude of courses. Between intriguing electives and essential core classes, the website can help students catch up and get ahead over the summer. Photo courtesy of Lorelei Woodward.

Is Taking Summer Classes Beneficial?

Lorelei Woodward, Lifestyle Editor / May 8, 2023

Many academic minded and driven students elect to take classes over their summer break for a multitude of reasons. Whether it be to get ahead, make up lost credits, or gain prerequisites necessary for...

Choosing the college to spend the next four years of your life in is difficult, especially if its out of state. However, students that go the out of state route deeply think about the choice and what would be best for them, but no matter the decision, we wish them the best! Photo courtesy of

Why Do Warriors Choose Out of State College?

Olivia Montgomery, Opinion Editor / May 5, 2023

With seniors graduating in just a matter of weeks, a big topic that comes with graduation is college. Due to scholarships and Bright Futures many students choose to stay in Florida, however, the latter...

 Coach Puskas celebrates his 100 career goals during the game against Leto. The effort made throughout this year and previous years by the girl’s flag football team led to this great feat as a group effort. 

 Photo courtesy of the Steinbrenner Flag Football team.

Coach Puskas: 100 Career Wins

Saulė Kondra, People Editor / May 3, 2023

Gregory Puskas, or well-known at Steinbrenner high school as Coach Puskas has been teaching for 19 years and coaching for 18, in Hillsborough County. And 13 of those coaching years were with the Steinbrenner...

Universal’s Hogwarts castle is lit up for grad bash as the celebration is just beginning. Universal kept the Hogwarts castle lit up throughout the night and eventually they put on a firework show as a last moment of the senior’s grad bash. Photo courtesy of Michael Galang.

Ending Senior Year With a Bash

Alyssa Galang, Staff writer / May 3, 2023

            As the end of the school year begins creeping up, the seniors of Steinbrenner High School start to celebrate their upcoming graduation. Friday, April 21st, over 300 Steinbrenner seniors...

Freshman Addison Parks, shows off her outfit at the beach, dressing in clothes influenced from Madelyn Cline in Outer Banks.

Television’s Influence on Teenage Fashion

Grace Kieran, Staff Writer / April 28, 2023

Recently, shows like Outer Banks, Euphoria, and even Friends have been influencing fashion trends around the school and over the world. The hair styles and clothing in shows have people buying related...

Agriculture Sciences teacher at Steinbrenner High School, Mrs. Switzer, prefers the Stanley to the Yeti cups. The design keeps her drink cool all day long.

Stanley Cup, No, Not the Hockey One, Rises to Popularity

Lorelei Woodward, Lifestyle Editor / April 21, 2023

Trends come and go, whizzing by so fast you can barely take a breath...or even a drink of water. Swiftly rising to popularity, the Stanley Cup surpassed the Swell, Hydroflasks, and Cirkuls, taking its...

Senior Jess Reeder dresses up as a nurse for career day during Steinbrenner’s senior spirit week. The week got many seniors to participate and was very successful in giving creative dress up days to raise school spirit. Photo courtesy of Tammy Budiman.

Steinbrenner’s Senior Spirit Week

Megan Menendez, News editor / April 13, 2023

This past week Steinbrenner had their senior spirit week, with fun dress up days and activities for each day of the week. It was a great way to give the seniors an extra incentive and have one last spirit...

To launch her business, Morgan Swann listed this popular sticker design amongst Taylor Swift fans. Depending on the design, a sticker could take 10-15 minutes for Swann to create. .She’s currently working on making more content to sell on her shop to help it grow. Photo courtesy of Morgan Swann.

Making Her Mark: Morgan Swann’s Business

Alyssa Galang, Staff Writer / April 5, 2023

Many students at Steinbrenner have started to embrace their creativity, including Morgan Swann. Managing a small business is a popular way for teenagers to learn about responsibility and also share their...

Lady Warrior number 21 Lily Patton immediately strikes the ball. Both photos featured were taken by Patton’s godmother, Chantalle Spencer. Photo courtesy of Lisa Donut

Warriors Softball Washed Away by Gators

March 30, 2023

On the last day of school before spring break, Steinbrenner’s softball team competed against Land O’ Lakes high school which unfortunately concluded in a gloomy ending.   The game was intense...

Freshman Jasmine Colon and Camilla Montano listening to their music with air pods. Photo courtesy of Grace Kieran and Lily Moore.

Are Apple’s AirPods Still the Number One Choice for High Schoolers?

Grace Kieran, Lily Moore, and Sarah Finder / March 21, 2023

Air Pods, released around 6 years ago in December of 2016, rose to popularity in recent years, upgrading with the Air Pod Pro’s and more. Although some people do not use air pods. Instead, they are using...

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