Steinbrenner’s Orchestra Sleighs Their Festive Holiday Performance


Steinbrenner’s orchestra has been working incredibly hard to wow their audience for their winter performance. With just a few weeks of practice, they were able to succeed and show the pieces they had chosen to the public. Photo courtesy Madeleine Moreno.

Steinbrenner’s Orchestra was poised to dazzle guests Tuesday, December 6, at its annual winter performance after weeks of practicing. The program featured performances by the concert, symphonic, and chamber orchestra, along with various works to astonish the audience. 

Freshman concert-orchestra student Mina Thackeray expressed her excitement for both of her pieces, “Snowflake” by Yukiko Nishimura and “Merry Rock Ye Very” by Brian Balmages. 

“I’m equally excited for both the pieces because they are incredibly different,” said Thackeray, “snowflake is very peaceful and pretty, and the other is very fun, exciting, and upbeat.” 

The annual winter concert of the Steinbrenner orchestra consists of a wide variety of music. They highlight genres such as Christmas, classical, and folk music to change up the mood and styles for each piece. 

 “Our winter concerts have always been a place for us to play, you know, seasonal music, but also prepare for MPA and play classical music to increase our repertoire,” orchestra President Landon Clark informed. 

There are several pieces from the concert that stood out to the audience and embracing the emotions and enjoyment of the performers. For example, the song “When the Stars Begin to Fall” played by the symphonic orchestra was a melody sung by slaves when they were watching the sun rise. 

“The pieces that we’re playing are more meaningful, and that we actually like the songs that are being used,” symphonic orchestra student Olivia Lazaro said.

Overall, the 2022 winter concert provided the opportunity for friends and families to come together and watch the three orchestras touch on fun and festive live music.