Which is More Fashionable: Loose or Tight Jeans?


Saule Kondra

Denim was first invented in Genoa, Italy and is continuing to be incorporated into every fashion trend. There have been many forms of jeans invented to choose from, which lead to many possibilities and outfit combinations when it comes to styling. Photo courtesy Saule Kondra.

Throughout the decades, these classic blue jeans have morphed from Levi Strausse’s original worker trousers to flared, ripped, skinny, looser, and multiple other forms of jeans. Within the walls of Steinbrenner, these different styles can be found in every classroom. The biggest differentiating factor that divides the jeans culture at Steinbrenner however, is whether students are wearing skinny or loose jeans. 

After talking to some of the warriors, it was clear to see that loose jeans were more prominently found in our school and considered more in-style based on Y2K clothing making a comeback. 

“Loose jeans are more fashionable, they can go with more clothes and it’s just better for today’s trend,” said sophomore Silas Cunningham. 

Not only do students claim loose jeans make more sense in relation to current fashion trends, but some claim that loose jeans are “more comfortable and easily styled,” said senior Conner Durant. 

However, some students believe both styles are equally good, “I like both. I like them all, you can make combinations,” said sophomore Lilly Watts.  

The style of jeans people wear all depend on personal preference, the specifics of the jeans, as well as how they fit on a certain body type.  

“For me its loose jeans if they’re high waisted, skinny jeans if they’re low waisted,” said sophomore Ella Sommers. 

 Most of the time, it all comes down to what a person likes, current trends, and overall comfort of the person. Jeans that look good on one individual might not fit right on another. As of now, Steinbrenner students are more welcoming to the looser side of the jean spectrum, but who knows what trends will happen in the years to come.