Warriors Take on Valentine’s Day



On February 14, people get together to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The celebration is meant to bring loved one together and most of the time exchange gifts. Photo courtesy of Google.

On Valentine’s Day last week, couples got together to celebrate the day of love. The holiday is celebrated with the people you love most and spoiling them with candies, flowers, and other special gifts that make them feel loved.  

Unfortunately, not everyone has someone to spend this day with, and some people will spend the day alone, pretending like it’s not a real holiday. 

 However, Valentine’s Day is a very anticipated holiday for most, and plenty of people will want a valentine. But the process of trying to get one can be rough, although not having plans on Valentines is normal too. 

“I don’t have a plan for getting a date, it is not really necessary for me,” said Trevor Cassar.  

Having a date for Valentines isn’t a priority for everyone, and for some it’s all about self-love on this special day. 

Maintain self-confidence, and don’t listen to what other people say, because it all matters about what you think,” Cassar said.

Choosing to not have a Valentine is also a priority to others because they haven’t found ‘the one’ yet.

Another student, Dimitri Bozikis, said “Finding a valentine is not meant to be rushed, you have to find the perfect person that is good for you, no matter how long that takes.”  

Whether Valentine’s Day means spending it with your significant other, friends, or alone, it’s a day to celebrate love all around, and although it’s not important to some, the day holds a special meaning to others.