Model United Nations Takes a Trip to Harvard MUN


Kelly Miliziano

Model UN students pose after opening ceremonies, ready to go to their first committee session. Over the span of five days, club members spent time in Boston developing their diplomatic skills. Photo courtesy of Kelly Miliziano.

From January 25th to 29th, the Steinbrenner Model United Nations Club attended their annual national conference in Boston, Massachusetts. For the 33 students who participated, they had the opportunity to represent Colombia and Cuba in various situations, such as international issues. While some students spent the time tackling economic issues, others discussed social problems such as voting rights and women in government. 

“It was a really great experience. I feel like I learned a lot in my committee that will help me in the future,” said club president Makala Mullins. 

With Harvard being the most internationally diverse out of all MUN conferences, students had the chance to interact with other delegates from around the world starting from the first day they arrived. 

“I got the chance to meet people from Europe and South America. I even made a friend from England named Warwick and we still talk all the time,” said junior Jose Martinez. 

Along with the normal committees, two delegates participated in ‘crisis committees’ where unexpected situations were thrown at them, and they had to use their resources to solve them. One of these delegates was Bonnie Knight, who ended up receiving the award of ‘Best Delegate’ in her committee as a result of her hard work and dedication. 

“I was definitely honored to get an award… my other delegation members worked just as hard and well as I did and we all did amazing,” said junior Bonnie Knight. 

Other than time spent developing skills related to Model UN, students had time before and after sessions to explore the city of Boston as a group. From visiting landmarks to tours, the students were able to enjoy this time as a club and make memories together. 

“My favorite part had to be when a homeless man named B Swan came up to our group and started rapping about us,” said junior Benjamin Verrecchia. 

Overall, this trip allowed MUN an experience to advance their skills as a delegation, along with bonding as a club. For those who participated in the trip, it will definitely be one to remember.