What Holidays are Steinbrenner Students Celebrating?


Prahas Kandukuri

AP Calculus students participate in ugly sweater day to show off how they celebrate for the holiday season. This also reflected different holidays people observe with sweaters representing Christmas and Hannukah. Photo courtesy of Prahas Kandukuri.

As the year ends, we reflect on the many holidays that are celebrated. Holidays are meant to bring people together to enjoy the celebration. There are many different holidays that are celebrated around the world, and religion plays a big part in what holidays people celebrate. Steinbrenner students describe when they celebrate the holidays with their families, and why it’s their favorite. 

“My favorite holiday is Christmas, I normally celebrate it with my family,” said freshman Aiden Carevic. 

Some people celebrate the holidays with other people, and some spend holidays alone. It really depends on the person and their background, however, being with family on Christmas is common for American families. On the other hand, students might not feel like being in a festive mood, but rather a spookier mood. 

Sophomore Caden Thompson-Beckwith liked Halloween because, “the candies he got until a lady gave me a bounty bar.”  

Thompson-Beckwith likes to trick-or-treat with his friends, by getting candy around the neighborhood and seeing what costumes others are wearing. His favorite candy is Kit-kat and he also explains that the weather during fall is preferable because of how cold it is, and it has a nice vibe.  

Traditional holidays like Halloween and Christmas are celebrated worldwide but sometimes it’s the little holidays that people like to celebrate.  

“Martin Luther King Day is my favorite holiday,” said sophomore Rylan Tierney.  

Tierney likes to spend MLK day in a wax stadium with his family and friends looking at the wax statue of MLK to celebrate, he also likes to eat MLK’s favorite dish as well, which is a pecan pie. 

Holidays have always been a great way to get people together to celebrate a common interest and have been integrated into our society as a fun way to party. Spending time with family and friends during the season has become an important part of life for many students at Steinbrenner.