Warrior Weekly Broadcast Feb 8th

Saule Kondra takes us through the top stories from The Oracle News.

  This week on The Oracle’s food blog, the paper bag, we released a simple egg dish called Shakshuka fusion to make for a delicious lunch.  

  While deciding if this dish should be added to your lunch bag, you should also read students’ opinions on the new popular hairstyle, buzzcuts. As more kids decide to get the haircut, students come to realize that the style has a couple of downfalls and doesn’t fit everyone. Although, this doesn’t stop the flow of inspiration of trying it throughout Steinbrenner.  

   Along with inspiration, the golden globes award ceremony was an awesome way for students to see the accomplishments of their idols. These awards showcased the talents of people acting. Highly loved actors liked Zendaya and Even peters mentioned because of their impressive awards.  

Many celebrities have been involved in important news, like actor Noah Schnapp. In his latest TikTok, he came out as gay and said, “I guess I’m more similar to Will than I thought.” This led to many fans supporting him and his stranger things character, Will. Many students will continue to support and love him as he sends confidence and love back. 

Producer: Alyssa Galang Anchor: Saule Kondra Camera 1: Sarah Finder Camera 2: Lorelei Woodward Script Supervisor: Brielle Neylan Editor: Madeleine Moreno