Warrior Weekly May 5th

Jayden Otero discusses the Oracle news top stories of May 5th.

This week we posted an article about the TV’s influence of teenage fashion. Some common shows are Outer Banks, Euphoria, and Friends that affect clothing. The students can be seen wearing outfits from 2000s trends or clothing from popular stores. For more information on what students are wearing, check our website!

Our next article is about the color theory, which many students don’t know much about. The theory explains tones and moods of the color pallet. It includes information of color schemes and includes examples. It’s used in your favorite shows and movies to become successful. Go read it on our website for more facts.

Speaking about important things, an upcoming event is seniors’ graduation. For celebration, over 300 seniors took charter buses on April 21 for Universal. The grad bash celebrations have been an ongoing celebration leaving many seniors having an amazing night with many memories. For more exciting details go read the article.

Lastly, with Earth Day around the corner, many students don’t understand the impact they could make on their community and school. Through many kids’ opinions, you can make an impact, through three easy steps. This includes picking up trash, spreading seeds, and informing others. For more information, check out the website on the article.

That’s it for the top stories of May 5th, thanks for watching the warrior weekly and we will see you next week.

Anchor- Jayden Otero

Producer- Megan Menendez

Camera 1- Kelvin Jones

Camera 2- Ashlyn Esposito

Editor- Madeleine Moreno

Script- Brielle Neylan