Warrior Weekly Broadcast for Jan 27th

Prahas gives a rundown of the week’s top stories from The Oracle:

This week, the Oracle launched its new food blog, The Paper Bag, to give quick and easy school lunches that anyone can make and bring from home. Check out the first recipes here: tofu bao buns, faux Chipotle bowl and chia seed pudding. 

For many people, it’s challenging to stick to their New Year’s resolutions. Only a few weeks in, people tend to abandon their goals and fail to reach the place they want to be within a month. But with Lorelei’s tips, you should be able to stick to your resolutions and see them come true. 

Alex Earle rose to fame with a get ready with me video and everyone developed their opinions on how relatable and inspiring she is. For students reactions to this, check out the full story here.  

And finally, in Sports, Matt Risso committed to Wofford college to achieve his dream of d1 soccer. 


Producer: Alyssa Galang Script Supervisor: Madeleine Moreno Anchor: Prahas Kandukuri Camera 1: Grace Kieran Camera 2: Vinya Kalidindi Editor: Madeleine Moreno