Alix Earle’s Influence on the Students of Steinbrenner


Alyssa Galang

Longtime fan Olivia Montgomery watches one of Earle’s most recent TikTok’s. Earle has been on TikTok since 2020 but gained the majority of her followers within the past months through viral videos. Photo courtesy of Alyssa Galang.

Alix Earle, a 22-year-old senior at the University of Miami, has recently been discovered and has become the newest TikTok and social media star. Since her rise to fame, Earle has reached 1.7 million followers on Instagram and 3.8 million followers on TikTok. Along with a rising number of followers, she has her own hashtags that combined, have a total of 345 million views.  

“I remember talking about her and nobody knew who she was.”, said sophomore Addi Pyatt.  

Earle hopped on the popular TikTok trend, of filming a “get ready with me”, and many watchers immediately loved them, bringing in more followers. Her content ranges from getting ready with her to, day in the life vlogs. One main reason she appealed to the TikTok community is because the viewers found her to be relatable even with her growing fame.  

“…she actually shows her true self and how she acts.”, said senior Summer Long.  

Not only does Earle participate in TikTok trends, but fans created a trend inspired by her. In the millions of TikTok videos, fans are found contemplating between two options where they would then ask, ‘what would Alix do?’ to come to a decision. Earle has continued being the talk on social media for months now and at this point, her fans are soaking up everything she provides.  

Earle’s viewers have been following in her footsteps when it comes to make-up, skincare, and outfits seeing as most of her content contains her favorite products and finds. On her platforms, you can find her Amazon storefront which contains suggested items she loves and fans take advantage of it. Many people have even started using Earle’s complete make-up and skincare routine.  

 “I think every girl is like ‘oh I want to be like her’ but only in a positive way,” said sophomore Jayda Thybulle.   

Not only does Earle provide inspiration for appearance, but fans find her to be an inspiration to girls of all ages regarding mental health. In some videos, she breaks the stereotypes of talking about struggles and acne on a large platform. She also openly talks about her lip filler and hair extensions which can become a controversial topic on social media.  

“She’s just different from most people and she is really positive and relatable,” said Long.  

Earle’s positive and relatable aura has granted the social media community a new “it girl”. Gaining more followers every day, her influence on the media will continue to grow with each ‘get ready with me’ that’s posted.