January 25th, It’s Easy Being Vegan: Chipotle Bowl


This delicious vegetarian/vegan “chipotle bowl” recipe is a highly customizable, nutritious recipe with all the benefits of being home made. The recipe has simple steps with store bought alternatives for students and guardians excessively short on time. You can pick ingredients from your pantry and make the individual elements as meal prep items to throw together on busy mornings.


Tools you will need for this recipe-

Cutting board


Pan (optional)

Microwave safe bowl

Rice cooker/pot



Canned beans

Fresh/frozen corn



Lemon juice


Feta cheese/cheese of choice (omit or replace with nutritional yeast if vegan)

Rice of choice

Avocadoes/store bought guacamole


Store bought salsa


Meal prep and quantity recommendations-

There are no specified quantities because the amount of each individual element you use depends on your diet, lifestyle and appetite as well as palette. If meal prepping, prepare the ingredients in bulk and refrigerate.


Faux “chipotle bowl” recipe


Author- Vinya Kalidindi

Prep time- 15 mins-20 mins depending on chosen methods

Assembly time- 5 mins or less



Bean prep- Rinse out the beans and salt them if necessary

Frozen corn-cook according to the package instructions in the microwave. Add salt and a dash of lime while warm.

Fresh corn-heat a pan until warm-hot and add a teaspoon of olive oil/oil of choice. Fry the corn until crisp and cooked through and add salt and pepper/seasoning of choice. Set aside.

Thinly mince preferred amount of cilantro (recommended four stalks), dice a quarter of an onion (whole if meal prepping) and a quarter of a large tomato (whole or more of meal prepping).

Rinse out your rice in a large bowl (any amount of rice according to preference) until the water runs clear. Add twice the amount of water to the amount of rice in cups and bring to a simmer. Add your rice and a pinch of salt and cover. Stir intermittently until cooked through. Simply add rice with twice the water in cups to a rice cooker if one is available.

Mash half an avocado or more in a bowl and add salt,pepper and lime to taste as well as a portion of your onions you can also use store bought guac).

In a bowl add your rice and mix it with ¼ cup of onions and tomatoes each. Add your beans,corn,guacamole,cheese,olives and salsa as well. Enjoy!