3 Ingredient Mug Cake

For recycling week, we made a quick and easy recipe that only needs 3 ingredients. These common ingredients can be found in any house, and it only requires your microwave. You can decorate it with toppings or eat the cake plain. This dessert will leave you happy, with little mess and little time.  

Tools you need: 




Prep time: 2 minutes 

Cook time: 3 minutes 

Author: Brielle Neylan 


-cocoa powder 

– 1 egg 

-maple syrup  

-ice cream (optional)
-chocolate syrup or chocolate chips (optional)  


Some recommendations for cocoa powders could be Nesquik, Hershey’s powder, Nestle, or even hot chocolate powder. These brands can be found at any main market for a reasonable price. Another substitute you can use is you can switch out maple syrup for honey. Although, honey will appear distinctly in the cake while maple syrup won’t.  


  • First, pour the cocoa powder about halfway in the mug. This is to prevent it from overflowing in the microwave.  
  • Then, crack your egg into the mug and stir it into the powder until it is all wet and runny. 
  • Pour in a spoonful of maple syrup to make the batter thicker. This will make it cook better and faster.  
  • Stir everything together until all the cocoa powder and egg are blended in.  
  • Place it into the microwave and let it cook for three minutes.  
  • When the timer goes off or the cake is ready you can place on your toppings or eat it straight out of the mug, enjoy!