Steinbrenner stings Sumner, wins big over Stingrays



Jorge Romero stealing the spotlight against Sumner at the start of the game. He ended up having the highest hits in the game. Photo courtesy of Prahas Kandukuri.

The Steinbrenner Warriors emerged victorious in a game against the Sumner Stingrays, dominating with a score of 11-0. This win improved Steinbrenner’s season record to 16-10, while Sumner’s record dropped to 11-13. 

The Warriors’ performance in the game was impressive, surpassing that of the Stingrays. They boasted a solid batting average of 0.4, an on-base percentage of 53.6%, and a slugging average of 50%. Additionally, their fielding was on point, resulting in a Win-Loss percentage of 1.0. These factors contributed to their well-deserved victory. Dominic Sardegna had the highest batting average, standing at .667, and Landen Boever scored the most runs, totaling 3. 

On the other hand, the Stingrays struggled in comparison. They had a batting average of 0.278, an on-base percentage of 31.6%, and a slugging percentage of 33.3%. Their Win-Loss percentage was 0, leading to a disappointing outcome. Ethan DeJesus and Isaac Martinez held the highest batting average, both at 1.0, but they didn’t score any points. 

The Steinbrenner Warriors outperformed the Stingrays in all aspects during this match, resulting in a resounding victory. Their impressive 16-10 record is a testament to their skills and teamwork. Let’s hope for continued success in their future games.