Warrior Weekly April 15th

 Vinya Kalidindi discusses the Oracles news top stories of April 14th. 

The theme for the paper bag is Passover and it includes traditional Jewish comfort food to gather your family around the table or bring for your school lunch. Check out on our website for how to make fragrant matzah ball soup, potato latkes, and artichoke stuffed baked potatoes.  

For other fun food ideas, go check out our article about 4 ways to spice up toast. It shows four toppings, yogurt, hummus, banana slices, and pesto sauce and how they can benefit your health.  

After enjoying your toast, you can head on over to three brother’s Italian restaurant in Odessa. They recently reopened a month ago after their building burnt down in 2020. Look at our website for our restaurant review to see if the food was just as good as before.  

Three Brother’s isn’t the only business that opened last month, Steinbrenner senior, Morgan Swann,  launched the debut of her etsy business where she hand-makes designs for stickers, shirts, and cups. To learn more about this entrepreneurial warrior, read her full profile on the oracle’s news website.  

Many special people are making appearances for Taylor Swift’s arrival in Tampa this week. The eras tour is very close and many people are swarmed with the big decision of what to wear. With our new article, we offer many outfit ideas from music videos, award show looks, streetwear, lyrics, or matching  clothes to album themes.  

Another music artist who Steinbrenner students are wild for is Lana Del Ray, who released her new album, Do you know there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd. She released it on March 24, 2023 and many fans are already sharing their opinions. To find out their reviews, go read it on the oracles news. .  

Lastly, many students are excited about the new trend of the Stanley cups. Go read our article the rise of the Stanley cup to find out more.