The newest addition to Addams Family saga: Wednesday


The new release of Wednesday continues to follow the cooky Addams Family and the journey of their daughter Wednesday at boarding school. The praise that’s followed has turned many heads to enjoy the mystery and ‘dead inside’ personality of the character’s story. Photo courtesy of Wednesday Netflix Instagram account.

On November 23, 2022, the newest addition to The Addams Family saga was released as a Netflix original series. The show, titled Wednesday, follows along the eldest Addams sibling on her journey of attending Nevermore, a school for outcasts. The plot allows for surprising twists and turns and vastly differing love interests for the main character Wednesday Addams. 

Overall, the quality and writing of the series was well received. 

“I enjoyed the iconic fight scene and dance scene, I can’t believe she choreographed that herself. I feel the whole show was well written and very suspenseful and love all the twists and details,” freshman Ellianna Volinsky said. 

The characters were well casted and actress Jenna Ortega took over the personality and even attire of her character Wednesday. She even went as far as dressing like her for red carpets and the premier of the show. Ortega also choreographed the routine in the dance scene, and conducted research of how goths danced in the 80’s.  

The show also addressed two love interests for the main character by introducing Tyler Gaplin played by Hunter Doohan, and Xavier Thorpe who’s played by Percy Hynes. It was interesting to see fan’s reactions to the love triangle, seeing as Wednesday was raised to be strong and independent.  

“I ship Wednesday with Tyler, but I also feel she should stay independent since it carries the whole essence of Wednesday’s character,” Volinsky said. 

Another reason the show is so well taken is because of the cameo by Christina Ricci who was the original Wednesday Addams in the first Addams Family film in 1991. She played Marilyn Thornhill, who was the dorm mother of Wednesday and her roommate Enid. 

Overall, the release of the new series revamped the Addams Family universe and has kept fans wanting more with speculation of a second season already being talked about.  

Olivia Montgomery // Opinion Editor