Class of 2023 Takes Home the Spirit Stick for a 4-peat

The senior class senators pose with the spirit stick. This is the fourth year in a row that the class of 2023 has won the spirit stick, with many naming it the 4-peat. Photos courtesy of Emily Schoessler.

Ever since 2009, when Steinbrenner High School opened, the spirit stick is something that the Steinbrenner Senate has to represent which class that year had the most school spirit during homecoming week. Every year the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes compete in five different competitions to see who comes out on top.  

“To win [the spirit stick] you have to win the majority of the competitions. [Those competitions are] shirt sales, class chant, posters, the skit, and hallway decorations. Guidance and administration then votes for which class they believe deserves the spirit stick the most.”

— Emily Schoessler

In past years, it was expected that the freshman class would never win the spirit stick, however, the class of 2023 changed that in 2019. The class of 2023 became the first ever in Steinbrenner history to win the spirit sticks as freshman.   

My favorite year winning the spirit stick had to have been freshmen year because it was insanely unexpected. The freshmen class had never won before and we went into the competition having no idea what we were doing. So hearing that we won at homecoming that year is something I’ll never forget,” Schoessler said.  

Ever since freshman year, the class of 2023 has been on a dominant streak winning the spirit stick every year. And this past year was no different. Schoessler and her fellow senators worked hard to make sure that they will make sure they take the spirit stick home once again.  

“To win the spirit stick me and the senators put in a lot of blood sweat and tears (literally) and a lot of sleeplessness. We plan our theme and designs months in advance and work pretty much everyday for a few weeks before the homecoming game to get everything prepared so it’s a lot of work,” Schoessler explained.  

Now that the class of 2023 has carved their names into Steinbrenner’s history books as being the first class to go on for a ‘4-peat’ as Mrs. Haskell, the Senate sponsor, called it at homecoming, it’s now time to crown new winners next year. Will the incoming freshman class repeat what the class of 2023 did or will the class of 2024 win their first spirit stick as seniors, only time will tell.