Journey of Cerr: Life as a Teen Rapper


Spencer Dayton (left) and Aidan Bishop (right), current students at Steinbrenner High School, and friends since freshman year work together to produce music. They are the team that invented the very first January 2022, Cerrfest. Photo courtesy of Saule Kondra.

Within the halls of Steinbrenner High School lies an artist. Known for his rap music, senior Spencer Dayton, also known as Yung Cerr, has gained some popularity with the students of Steinbrenner.

Dayton is mostly known for his concerts known as “Cerrfest.” Over the last year, Cerrfest has gained numerous attendees within the Steinbrenner community drawn in by his extravagant performances. 

This hobby started about four years ago when Dayton’s friends introduced him to producing rap beats. He fell in love with the music world after that. Once he gained experience creating beats he wanted to strive for more. Dayton began to rap to his own beats after producing them for two years.  

Dayton’s main rap inspirations included Playboy Carti, MF Doom and Kanye West, which are all popular rappers among teens presently. After he learned how to make professional sounding music, he ended up producing his first album “We Love You Cerr” which was released December of 2021. As of today, he has made a total of two albums as well as two singles. 

During January of 2022, Dayton, and his friend who he met freshman year, senior Aidan Bishop, set up their very first concert held at Keystone Park. The process included making a shirt design and building the stage for the performance. Bishop’s leading role as the creative director mostly focused on creating the shirt design and producing the product to sell at Cerrfest.  

“It was actually a lot of work, so we kind of started planning it like about a month in advance,” Said Dayton.

When it comes to profitability, Dayton states that making music is “…definitely not profitable. Beause I spent so much money on music stuff, but I’ve made some money off it, but I’m still in the red.” Even though Dayton is not making much of a profit at the moment, he believes “I’ll be rich someday, I’m just going to keep chasing it.”  

When Dayton first began, he did not mention his newfound hobby to his parents. However, after his first concert took place pictures of the event were published and his aunt ended up showing his parents.

“Their initial reaction was that they kind of didn’t like it at first. I feel like they didn’t like some of the lyrics,” Dayton shared. 

When it comes to his rap career, Dayton feels that it has brought him plenty of new experiences and has helped him gain recognition around the community and school.  

“It’s kind of cool cause like people like know who I am,” Dayton said. He felt that as he produced more music and held more concerts, people started to recognize him. 

As this is Dayton’s final year at Steinbrenner, he has started to visualize how his future life after high school is going to plan out. He hopes to go the University of Central Florida with “Team Pixel” which is his ‘elite group of people’. For the future of his music however, he hopes to collab with Destroy Lonely because Dayton believes he is one of the best rappers admires the fact that he signed a label with Playboy Carti, another one of his favorite artists.