Steinbrenner Football and Cheer Team Shows Support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Lorelei Woodward

The Steinbrenner Varsity Cheerleaders perform one of the cheers as the football team plays. The final score of the game was 22-14 with Steinbrenner winning the game. Photo Courtesy of Lorelei Woodward.

Steinbrenner’s football team showed their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month through their pink-out themed football game against Armwood High School on Friday, Oct. 7. In addition to the game, Steinbrenner’s cheer team has been showing support by raising money for those with breast cancer in the form of pink out shirts.  

“We obviously make the shirt pink because it’s pink out but also try and do a design within the warrior to show that warriors are against breast cancer and we’re here to help,” says senior cheer captain, Alli Haskell. 

Steinbrenner’s cheerleading team encouraged students to purchase pink out shirts and was met with much participation. On game day, students were seen wearing their pink out shirts during the school day and the student section of the stands was filled with a sea of pink.  

While the shirts certainly offer support from a fashion standpoint, the funds gained from student purchases may have a bigger impact than just moral support. 

“We donate all the money to a breast cancer foundation,” says senior cheerleader Sophie Payne.  

Beyond the shirts, Cole Bennett, president of Warriors Against Cancer, describes how his club is showing support during the month of October.  

“We’ve helped sell bracelets and stuff like that over the years. Pink out is super important to us and we’re doing whatever we can whether it’s going back to Steinbrenner’s pink out or the American Cancer Society,” he says.  

Along with explaining how his club shows support, Bennett also brings up the ways other people can show support too.  

“Feel free to look at the Warriors Against Cancer Instagram at any time, we have so many events,” Bennett says.  

Warriors Against Cancer has held multiple Relay for Life events, which are coordinated events that raise money for the American Cancer Society. In order to show their support, individuals or teams take turns walking or running around a track for 24 hours. There are many fundraising opportunities leading up to the event, but most of the donations are made online. These funds are used to directly support groundbreaking research, supply around the clock support for cancer patients, allow access to lifesaving screenings, and more.  

The pink out theme has always been a reoccurring theme at Steinbrenner, and it will continue to be as more people show their support during Breast Cancer Awareness month.