Lizzo’s ‘Special Tour’ Comes to Tampa


Lizzo performs one of her hit songs “Everybody’s Gay,” as a part of her setlist. Fans were ecstatic to hear her finally perform live, and the roar of the crowd greatly fueled the energy in the room. Photo courtesy of Olivia Montgomery.

On Saturday Sept. 24, 2022, Grammy Award winner Lizzo, a rhythm and blues (R&B) pop artist, arrived in Tampa to continue her Special Tour following her first show in Sunrise, Florida just the day before. The long-awaited concert was highly anticipated by her fans, called the ‘Lizzbians’, since her album was released on July 15, 2022.  

This stadium tour was originally going to be opened by the American rappers Latto and Saucy Santana. Latto has had major hits, with Billboard ranking songs from her albums “777” and “Queen of da Souf.” However, under undisclosed circumstances, Latto didn’t open for the Tampa show, and instead guest Saucy Santana who joined for her first six shows, was the only opener. 

Saucy Santana gained popularity from the social media app Tik Tok, and his song “Material Girl” blew up on the app, but you might already know him for being the makeup artist for the popular duo City Girls.  

The show highlighted Saucy Santana’s most known song, which was previously mentioned, and others such as “Walk Em Like a Dog” and “Booty.” In the middle of his performance, his three backup dancers performed on their own when Santana was preparing for the next set and demonstrated what’s known as “Vouge Walks” where music is played, and the dancers showed a little more of their own personalities.  

After a short break, Lizzo takes the stage and starts with her song “The Sign.” The costuming for her show was impeccable and greatly expressed her own sense of fashion, style, and body positivity. Lizzo has been known to be a major advocate of being yourself, loving your body, and accepting of everyone and their flaws.  

Staying on that theme, her show included her doing a cover of the song “Doo Wop (That Thing)” by Lauryn Hill. Throughout this song set Lizzo wears a skin tone dress, and projects the phrase “My Body, My Choice” on her upper body. Lizzo’s personality attracts a crowd with beliefs that correspond to her own, but it was still a controversial stunt, but much appreciated, especially with the state of Florida’s government.  

Her show continued with a variety of fan interactions, including her bringing a girl onstage during her song “Birthday Girl,” and everyone in the venue sang “Happy Birthday” to the girl. She also wrote on someone’s sign because they wanted a tattoo in her handwriting. Clearly, Lizzo is very big on staying connected with her fans and creating core memories for them.  

The encore of her Special Tour show in Tampa included two of her most popular songs “Juice’ and the lead single of her album, “About Damn Time.” Concluding the concert, many stand in line for the merchandise table and flood out to their cars feeling the usual ‘post-concert depression.’