‘Lettuce Club’ Brings New Opportunities to the Table in the 2022-2023 School Year


Co-founder Violet Prince hands out lettuce for students to sample. This was the first ever meeting for Lettuce Club, which proved to be a great success. Photo Courtesy of Prahas Kandukuri. 

At the start of the new school year, Juniors Alexa Gilland and Violet Prince came to the decision to form a club never seen before at Steinbrenner. To the surprise of many, Lettuce Club quickly became popular talk among students. 

On Aug. 31, both lunches participated in club rush. Students swarmed around Gilland and Prince’s booth, and Lettuce Club received over 150 signups by the end of the day. Both founders were shocked by the success of the event, especially since the club originally began as a joke. 

“I was very surprised how many people wanted to join, but I’m glad everyone loves it, so hopefully it will become a serious thing this year,” stated club president Gilland. With all those who signed up, future meetings started to be planned.  

Due to the number of students interested in becoming involved in Lettuce Club, not everybody will be able to participate. The decision was unfortunately made to cut many students from the signup list, with hopes that they will return for next year’s club rush. 

In order to create this intriguing club, a teacher was needed to sponsor it and make sure all runs well. When debating who was best to help, club officers decided to go with a teacher they knew well, psychology teacher Katie Walsh was chosen for this position. 

“I am there to make sure that everyone is safe and supervised,” promised Walsh. Having a sponsor, the club was able to fulfill the requirements and officially introduce itself. 

Club presidents decided to follow the agenda of growing lettuce, learning more about it, and “bringing lettuce lovers together. Lettuce is a hidden passion that people are afraid to show, and also promotes healthy eating because it’s really important these days,” included Gilland. 

This overall wholesome group has remained popularly known after the first meeting for the curiosity it brought amongst students. The lettuce club introduced a new perspective- that it can help improve our diets and bring the students of Steinbrenner more connected.