Steinbrenner’s Senior Spirit Week


Senior Jess Reeder dresses up as a nurse for career day during Steinbrenner’s senior spirit week. The week got many seniors to participate and was very successful in giving creative dress up days to raise school spirit. Photo courtesy of Tammy Budiman.

This past week Steinbrenner had their senior spirit week, with fun dress up days and activities for each day of the week. It was a great way to give the seniors an extra incentive and have one last spirit week before they graduate at the end of May. The themes each day were anything but a backpack, senior citizen day, storybook parade, career day, and future day.  

For the first day seniors had to bring something other than a backpack to hold their school supplies. Students could be as creative as they wanted to be, with some bringing items varying from crockpots, water jugs, and garbage cans.  

“I brought a giant pot to carry all of my school supplies, it was really annoying to carry around because it was so big, but it was fun to do for just one day,” said senior Zach Babajanof. 

The second day seniors could dress up as senior citizens, many wore pajamas, had canes, and wore gray wigs. 

“My favorite day to see was senior citizen day, people really went all out and put a lot of effort into their outfits,” said Babajanof.  

On Day three, seniors could dress up as their favorite childhood storybook character, as a way to pay tribute to similar parades that took place in elementary school. Characters like Cat in the Hat, Pete the Cat, and more.  

Day four and five, we’re very similar with career and future day. Students dressed up with scrubs, construction outfits, and as teachers. Future day was for plans after school, like going to the military, going to college, or trade school.  

“I really loved the future career one,” said senior Jess Reeder. “I’m attending FGCU in the fall and plan on becoming a nurse after college.”  

Overall senior spirit week was a great way to get seniors excited to graduate, and it was a great lead up to prom the following weekend.