Steinbrenner runs to 1st place against Jefferson and Gaither



Kyra Patterson(junior), Angelise Duran (Sophomore), Aaniyah Houghton (Freshman), and Morgan Hartley (Sophomore) are part of the section 4 girls 100-meter dash team. They ran with two Jefferson and two Gaither students all between 12 to 13 seconds. Photo Courtesy of Brielle Neylan.

On March 28 Steinbrenner competed at a track and field meet against Jefferson and Gaither Highschool and won first place. The overall scores for the boys were Steinbrenner at 126, Jefferson 39, and Gaither 15. The girls’ scores were Steinbrenner 124, Jefferson 31, and Gaither 10. This means that both the girls and boys Steinbrenner track won first place.  

      Together, between boys and girls, they participated in 37 events and won 25 of them. This includes many diverse types of activities like sprints, long distance runs, hurdles, jumps, and vaults.  

      Many Steinbrenner athletes participated in multiple events and were able to succeed in all of them independently or as a team.  

     “I feel like I could have not run the way I did without the Steinbrenner team.” said Freshman Renee Bornowski.  

      Renee Bornowski competed in 4 different events. This includes 400-meter dash, 4×400 relay, 4×800 relay, and pole vault. In her 4×800 relay team they ranked 3rd in Hillsborough County. 

     This is the only 4×800 Steinbrenner girls relay team, and the girls are Renee Bornowski, Erin Casey, Emilie Campion, and Taylor Flynn. Together at the meet they had a time of 12 minutes and 24.44 seconds. This means that each person ran 2 laps around the track while passing along the baton to the next runner.  

     To be able for Steinbrenner to reach their rank, everyone had to contribute lots of time and energy. The teams have had many practices and previous meets.  

    “We have been running 6 times a week, every week.” said Bornowski. This helped to result in many wins and presenting Steinbrenner high school 

   During the track meet, many students competed against Jefferson and Gaither, along with themselves. Many PRs (personal records) were broken, and it was a huge celebration for everyone.