Warrior Weekly March 2nd

Lorelei Woodward takes us through the top stories from the Oracle News.

This week we covered the Warriors Against Cancer club initiative to fundraise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation by participating in their gala event.

On our People of Stein feature for this week, read about 12th grader Austin Brooks’ story on how he started his journey with the track team and what he is doing as a team member.

In addition, this week on our food blog we are featuring a toasty morning muffin recipe for our new addition of breakfast week. If your interested check out the Paper Bag section on our website.

Each student has a signature smell. Read up on fan favorite perfumes and colognes within our school on this weeks lifestyle story.

Check out our previous broadcasts and ones to come with the link. Thank you for tuning in to Warriors Weekly and see you next time!