Warriors Against Cancer Club Raising Money for LLS


Warriors Against Cancer held a restaurant giveback night at Blaze Pizza on Jan 31st. They donated a percentage of money from the orders to LLS foundation.nPhoto courtesy of warriors.against.cancer Instagram page.

           The WAC or warriors against cancer club helps raise awareness about different cancers, the patients, and helps donate money to different organizations to help cure cancer. Some of our warriors got invited to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society gala, where they get to be candidates for Student Visionary of the year. 

            Leukemia and lymphoma society (LLS) helps find a cure for cancer for blood cancers and to improve the quality of life for the patients and their families. The students attending are Lauren Scotch, Emma Barger, and Cole Bennett and will be leading the fundraising team. The student visionaries of the year campaign is a fundraiser where high schoolers from the Tampa area assemble teams and compete to see who can raise the most money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. 

             This LLS gala is being held on March 10 at Bryan Glazer JCC in Tampa with all the fundraising teams from the Tampa area coming together to celebrate what they have accomplished. That night they will also continue to raise money than the total amount of funds between all teams will be revealed where the main goal is $500,000. 

              One of the leaders leading the fundraiser is Lauren Scotch who comments on the goal of the gala.

             “I was part of one of my friend’s fundraising teams last year for the LLS, and it was really impactful,” said Scoth. “This year I wanted to bring it to the club warriors against cancer to continue helping the LLS.” 

             During this 7-week fundraising campaign the ways they have been earning money is by asking friends, family, local businesses, and many others for donations. And have been hosting restaurant fundraiser nights, posting on their Instagram @warriors.against.cancer, mailing letters and contacting businesses for donations for auction baskets that will be sold at the gala.  

            On the night of the gala, they will also recognize and honor a local childhood leukemia fighter named Aiden. The fundraising team will show our support to him and give him strength during his battle with blood cancer. Donate to LLS Student Visionary through this link https://events.lls.org/sun/svoysuncoast23/lscotch