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Pictured is the final product of the Big Mac Taco. Photo courtesy of Nicholas Menendez.

Viral TikTok Recipe: Big Mac Tacos

Nicholas Menendez, Staff Writer / May 7, 2024

This recipe, which originated on TikTok in Summer of 2023, is simple, fun, and easy to make. It is supposed to be delicious as well, with the burger patty turning into a “smash burger” (burger that...

Pictured is the apple pie sundae. Photo courtesy of Nicholas Menendez.

Tik Tok Food Hacks

Nicholas Menendez, Staff Writer / April 16, 2024

Over the past four years the social media app, TikTok, has been a global phenomenon. All sorts of trends start on the app, such as clothing styles, movies/television, and food. Certain food trends have...

Food Review: School Lunch

Food Review: School Lunch

Nicholas Menendez, Staff Writer / February 8, 2024

School lunch was first invented in America in Philadelphia and Boston during the late 1800s. The goal was to feed children nutritious meals and teach them important food choices, such as the positive effects...

Food Review: The Melting Pot Social

Food Review: The Melting Pot Social

Nicholas Menendez, Staff Writer / October 23, 2023

The Melting Pot Social is a new restaurant that opened May 22nd this year. While The Melting Pot Social (otherwise known as Meltso) is like the original Melting Pot, there are some differences. Meltso...

Many Hispanic Americans at Steinbrenner celebrate their heritage month through the appreciation of classic cultural dishes. The Tampa Bay area has held numerous events to celebrate the month and continues to do so this year. Photos courtesy of Google.

Hispanic Heritage Month

Olivia Montgomery, Opinion Editor / October 19, 2023

National Hispanic Heritage Month spans from September 15 to October 15, 2023. This month allows for a time of appreciation and recognition of Hispanic Americans and their contribution to our country. A...

Going vegetarian-a beginners guide

Going vegetarian-a beginner’s guide

Vinya Kalidindi, Food Co-Editor / May 17, 2023

  Making drastic changes in the food you eat, and your overall diet is always hard. It takes considerable amounts of time and can be influenced by income, family, personal life and the amount of...

The Popularity of Mukbang: Why do people find it enjoyable?

The Popularity of Mukbang: Why do people find it enjoyable?

Madeleine Moreno, Staff Writer / May 17, 2023

Mukbang, a South Korean phenomenon, is now well-known worldwide. The word “mukbang” is derived from the Korean words “mukja,” which means “to eat,” and “bangsong,” which means “broadcast.”...

An estimated 119 billion pounds of food goes to waste in the United States each year. Reusing leftover scraps from previous meals is a great way to encourage the creation of innovative new meals. Photo courtesy of Saule Kondra.

Going Green: Saving Food with Soup!

Saulė Kondra, People of Stein Co-editor / April 29, 2023

Got a plate of leftovers just wasting away in the fridge? Well I've got a solution for you! Recycling food is an important and often overlooked way to reduce waste and improve sustainability. One creative...

Mediterranean-style breakfast toast is a nourishing meal that utilizes hummus, feta cheese, and an assortment of vegetables. This aesthetic picture is on The Mediterranean Dish, a food blog that features a variety of other Mediterranean cuisine. Go to the link for this hummus toast recipe!

Four Ways to Spice up Your Toast

Madeleine Moreno, Staff Writer / April 25, 2023

Anyone can make toast, regardless of their level of expertise in the kitchen or how often they use it. It’s a simple recipe that is equally delicious and a quick snack to make on the run. Toast is a...

Food Review: Three Brothers Pizza Reopening

Food Review: Three Brother’s Pizza Reopening

Malia Kirschman, Staff Writer / April 12, 2023

Three Brothers Pizza is a restaurant that serves pizza and pasta dishes. They have three locations in the Tampa Bay area but first started with their Odessa restaurant in 2015. Three Brothers Pizza has...

Lithuanian cuisine: A Potato Paradise

Lithuanian cuisine: A Potato Paradise

Saulė Kondra, People of Stein Editor / March 4, 2023

Lithuania, a small country with a population of slightly under 3 million people has quite the intriguing cuisine. From pink soup to large potato dumplings, this eastern European country has lots of diversity...

Food Inflation- How to Eat for Cheap

Food Inflation- How to Eat for Cheap

Ashlyn Esposito, Staff Writer / February 14, 2023

As prices soar and wallets diminish, food inflation has been hitting hard for many families around the world. This pressing economic issue forces us to question the root of this problem and the possible...

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