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Senior, Ava Combs is surprised by the drama over the Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez feud that’s being consumed by the media. The rise in this debate started with people finding connections of Bieber copying Gomez over certain behaviors. Photo courtesy of Lily Moore.

Team Hailey or Team Selena: The Feud Continues

Lily Moore, Staff Writer / March 28, 2023

Within the past few weeks, the trend of “Team Hailey vs. Team Selena” has been passed all around social media. This big topic has interested many students based off which celebrity is better, Hailey...

Warrior Weekly March 9th

March 9, 2023

Vinya Kalidindi takes us through the top stories from The Oracle News. This week on the Oracle's food blog, the Paper Bag, we focused on the cuisine of the country Lithuania, along with including a...

On February 14, people get together to celebrate Valentines Day. The celebration is meant to bring loved one together and most of the time exchange gifts. Photo courtesy of Google.

Warriors Take on Valentine’s Day

Kelvin Jones and Prahas Kandukuri / February 21, 2023

On Valentine’s Day last week, couples got together to celebrate the day of love. The holiday is celebrated with the people you love most and spoiling them with candies, flowers, and other special gifts...

A group of pirates tosses beads to a crowd waiting below in 2023’s Gasparilla parade. The event took place on January 28, and resulted in countless groups celebrating together. Photo Courtesy of Tampa Bay Times.

Is Gasparilla Really a Treasure to Tampa Bay?

Ava Combs, Publication Editor / February 14, 2023

For those not from Tampa, the term ‘Gasparilla’ might sound like something out of a movie. For locals however, ‘Gasparilla’ is considered a day full of beads, pirates, and celebrating with friends....

The grounds of Steinbrenner are flooding with buzzcuts as the new style. The cut has allowed students to have a quick low maintenance style that still looks good. Photo curtesy of

Are Buzzcuts the Newest Hair Trend?

Jayden Otero and Kelvin Jones / February 10, 2023

Recently, the grounds of Steinbrenner have been flooded with buzzcuts as a popular haircut. Of course, everyone has their own opinions on what the best haircut is based on how it looks on themselves, but...

 The button “approved work opportunities” shows over 100 work organizations that are accepted and allowed. Profferfish made it very easy for students to submit approved work hours into the website to be placed into their work history log. Photo courtesy of

Pros and Cons of Work Hours Going Towards Bright Futures

Brielle Neylan, Staff Writer / January 25, 2023

Steinbrenner students are being affected by a new change in Profferfish, where work hours are now being accepted for Bright Futures, although, are there more positives or negatives to this adjustment?...

 Longtime fan Olivia Montgomery watches one of Earle’s most recent TikTok’s. Earle has been on TikTok since 2020 but gained the majority of her followers within the past months through viral videos. Photo courtesy of Alyssa Galang.

Alix Earle’s Influence on the Students of Steinbrenner

Alyssa Galang, Business Manager / January 25, 2023

Alix Earle, a 22-year-old senior at the University of Miami, has recently been discovered and has become the newest TikTok and social media star. Since her rise to fame, Earle has reached 1.7 million followers...

Senior Alyssa Bongiovanni accomplishes the major milestone of scoring 1,000 career points and being the fourth in school history to do so. She never thought she would reach this moment, but is excited to see where the future takes her. Photo courtesy of GSHS Lady Dubs Instagram.

Alyssa Bongiovanni: Reaching for the Top

Olivia Montgomery, Opinion Editor / December 21, 2022

The Steinbrenner girls' basketball team headed out to play against Space Coast in late November and won with a score of 58-39. However, senior Alyssa Bongiovanni came home with not only a win, but also...

Different variations of these signs are posted around bars or clubs enforcing the drinking age law. However, it’s sparked a controversy within America about if the age should be lowered. Photo courtesy of National Youths Rights Association.

Should the Legal Drinking Age Be Lowered?

Kelvin Jones and David Fulmer / December 16, 2022

Drinking has always been a controversial topic for many reasons. One of the biggest, would be if the drinking age should be lowered to when you hit legal adulthood, or 18 years old. This has come with...

AP Calculus students participate in ugly sweater day to show off how they celebrate for the holiday season. This also reflected different holidays people observe with sweaters representing Christmas and Hannukah. Photo courtesy of Prahas Kandukuri.

What Holidays are Steinbrenner Students Celebrating?

Jayden Otero-Vazquez and Prahas Kandukuri / December 16, 2022

As the year ends, we reflect on the many holidays that are celebrated. Holidays are meant to bring people together to enjoy the celebration. There are many different holidays that are celebrated around...

St udents work while unconsciously listening to music that impacts their work and peer communication. Since AirPods were released, they have overrun schools leading to unnecessary distraction and, in some cases, declining grades. Photo courtesy of Olivia Pages.

Should AirPods Be Allowed in Schools?

Liv Pages, Website Manager / December 16, 2022

Since their release in December 2016, AirPods have maintained popularity especially within school-aged kids as they assisted in keeping students focused and reduced stress levels, but kids have become...

Denim was first invented in Genoa, Italy and is continuing to be incorporated into every fashion trend. There have been many forms of jeans invented to choose from, which lead to many possibilities and outfit combinations when it comes to styling. Photo courtesy Saule Kondra.

Which is More Fashionable: Loose or Tight Jeans?

Saulė Kondra, People of Steinbrenner Editor / December 14, 2022

Throughout the decades, these classic blue jeans have morphed from Levi Strausse’s original worker trousers to flared, ripped, skinny, looser, and multiple other forms of jeans. Within the walls of Steinbrenner,...

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