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With the holiday season rolling around many students are beginning to listen to Christmas music. However, many students have been listening to holiday music since the beginning of the year, so that brings up when the appropriate time is to listen to holiday music. Photo courtesy of Readers Digest.

Christmas Music Year Round

Isabella Bateman, Staff Writer / November 28, 2023

Christmas music has a way of bringing warmth and nostalgia, and it's understandable why some people would want to listen to it year-round. It can create a cozy and festive atmosphere, even outside of the...

With Christmas coming up, students are starting to debate when holiday celebrations should start. Many students already have decorations up as soon has Halloween is over, while others think otherwise. Photo courtesy of Kirkland.

When Should Christmas Celebrations Begin?

Addi Pyatt, Staff Writer / November 27, 2023

When it turns 12am on November 1, it becomes a different day for different people, is it the start of Christmas or the start of Thanksgiving? This is a debate thrown around every year, asking when Christmas...

The highly anticipated Five Nights at Freddys movie was recently released on October 27, 2023. The movie has been teased for years and fans had much to say about the adaptation. Photo courtesy if

Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie: A Fan’s Analysis

Heidi O, Staff Writer / November 16, 2023

In the past decade, Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) has become one of the largest horror video game franchises worldwide. For those who have not heard of the lore of FNAF, it follows a spooky animatronic-filled...

Pumkin spice dates back as the main fall staple and is popular among most people. But there’s been disputes over it and it’ll be settled among Steinbrenner students over whether pumpkin spice is overrated or not. Photo courtesy of

The Pumpkin Spice Debate Continues…

Isabella Bateman, Staff Writer / October 24, 2023

There's no doubt you’ve seen signs that fall is here. Regardless of the temperature or if there are leaves on the ground, if pumpkin spice comes around in stores or coffee shops that’s your hint that...

When fall comes around it’s hard to stay trendy when living in Florida’s conditions, however, students can find a way by altering what it means to dress in “fall clothes.” Students had different ways of bypassing the humid conditions and keeping it trendy at the same time. Photos courtesy of Rachel Vinik and Charlotte Watts.

The Struggle to Dress for Fall in Florida

Addi Pyatt and Heidi O'Very / October 24, 2023

Bundling up, with multiple layers of clothes, fuzzy socks and big sweaters aren’t something Floridians get to experience in the fall. While other places are experiencing snow, the typical fireplace conditions,...

High schoolers are at risk of developing mental health issues, which are not treated the same as physical health. So, some public schools have proposed that high schoolers should be allowed to take up to five mental health days off per semester to improve academic performance. Photo courtesy of

Why Are Mental Health Days Necessary?

Madeleine Moreno, Staff Writer / May 17, 2023

It is no secret that students in America, regardless of age, are experiencing a mental health crisis. According to a recent study by the National Alliance on Mental Health, one in five teenagers and young...

 The accessible and convenient website, Florida Virtual Schools, provides a multitude of courses. Between intriguing electives and essential core classes, the website can help students catch up and get ahead over the summer. Photo courtesy of Lorelei Woodward.

Is Taking Summer Classes Beneficial?

Lorelei Woodward, Lifestyle Editor / May 8, 2023

Many academic minded and driven students elect to take classes over their summer break for a multitude of reasons. Whether it be to get ahead, make up lost credits, or gain prerequisites necessary for...

Choosing the college to spend the next four years of your life in is difficult, especially if its out of state. However, students that go the out of state route deeply think about the choice and what would be best for them, but no matter the decision, we wish them the best! Photo courtesy of

Why Do Warriors Choose Out of State College?

Olivia Montgomery, Opinion Editor / May 5, 2023

With seniors graduating in just a matter of weeks, a big topic that comes with graduation is college. Due to scholarships and Bright Futures many students choose to stay in Florida, however, the latter...

 A way that many people contribute to spreading the word about Earth Day is informing others about beneficial activities like recycling to help save our Earth. Steinbrenner’s AP Environmental Science students chalked the courtyard with Earth Day sayings and drawings to inform the school of the days importance. Photo Courtesy of Saule Kondra.

Earth Day Celebrations and their Impact

Brielle Neylan, Staff Writer / April 29, 2023

Many students at Steinbrenner under appreciate Earth Day and don’t understand that helping to keep the Earth clean by picking up trash, planting trees, or recycling can impact us. Students don’t participate...

Senioritis is a universal epidemic affecting high schoolers. The struggles to get through the last few months of senior year hit hard, which causes declining grades at the end of the year. Photo courtesy of

Is Senioritis a Major Problem in Schools?

Ashlyn Esposito and Malia Kirschman / April 21, 2023

Senioritis is a high school epidemic, with symptoms including loss of motivation and declining grades. But has it been infecting more than just seniors? As seniors see the finish line and they no longer...

Senior, Ava Combs is surprised by the drama over the Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez feud that’s being consumed by the media. The rise in this debate started with people finding connections of Bieber copying Gomez over certain behaviors. Photo courtesy of Lily Moore.

Team Hailey or Team Selena: The Feud Continues

Lily Moore, Staff Writer / March 28, 2023

Within the past few weeks, the trend of “Team Hailey vs. Team Selena” has been passed all around social media. This big topic has interested many students based off which celebrity is better, Hailey...

Warrior Weekly March 9th

March 9, 2023

Vinya Kalidindi takes us through the top stories from The Oracle News. This week on the Oracle's food blog, the Paper Bag, we focused on the cuisine of the country Lithuania, along with including a...

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