Grandma’s Irish Bread

Grandmas Irish Bread

This Irish bread recipe brings you back to your grandma’s kitchen and has everything a bread lover would want. This recipe has been loved and cherished for many generations, and the warmness of the freshly baked bread will make you obsessed!

For this recipe you will need:

A large bowl

A medium sized bowl

Strainer or colander

Two loaf pans

Wet ingredient measuring cup

Dry ingredient measuring cups

Large whisk



Tips: To make the batter quicker, when combining wet ingredients into the dry use a hand mixer or stand mixer. Also, for the water, after emptying the can of evaporated milk, just fill it back up with water for that measurement.


Author- Olivia Montgomery

Yield: Two loafs of bread

Prep time: About 30 minutes

Cook time: 1 hour



5 cups of flour

5 teaspoons of baking powder

2 teaspoons of salt

½ cup of sugar

¾ of a 15 oz package of raisins

1 12 oz can of evaporated milk

1 12 oz can of water

1 egg

½ a teaspoon of vanilla

Cooking spray or butter



Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Wash your raisins in the strainer. Then combine the flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar into the large bowl.

In the separate bowl whisk together the milk, water, egg, and vanilla.

After, pour the wet ingredients into the dry and stir with the whisk.

Ater combined, fold in the raisins with the spatula.

Spray the loaf pans with cooking spray or use butter to grease the pans. Then evenly distribute the batter into the pans.

Bake for 1 hour and test with toothpick when finished.

Allow the bread to cool for 5-10 minutes, however the bread is best when warm!

Then enjoy! You can eat it all right away or store it in an airtight container for freshness.